Core Competencies, Essay Example

Core competencies are some of the most important characteristics that employees must demonstrate in order to be effective in their roles in the workplace setting. When recruiting employees and managing objectives, human resource professionals should recognize the importance of core competencies so that the organization achieves maximum benefits from its workforce. Human resources employees should address the needs of departments with management teams so that specific objectives are identified and core competencies are addressed in an effective manner. Exploring core competencies also supports the efficient utilization of resources so that employees are able to accomplish their required tasks and to provide a meaningful contribution to the organization.

An emphasis on core competencies also supports the identification of new perspectives that will have a positive influence on organizational outcomes. Employees who possess the desired core competencies are also able to grow and thrive within their assigned positions and are provided with the tools and resources that are necessary to achieve their roles in the workplace. Human resource professionals must identify how these core competencies align with each other and how they address organizational needs in the desired manner. Research and education must be addressed by human resource employees so that core competencies are expanded or modified as necessary to remain aligned with specific department needs. Organizations thrive when their employees are successful, and core competencies play a significant role in this process. From a human resource perspective, the ability of employees to be successful in their work environments is achieved through the successful recruitment of employees with the core competencies that are identified. These competencies provide a basis for individual employee performance and should be evaluated on a regular basis to enable employees to grow and thrive within their roles and within the organization as a whole.