Civil War and the American Behavior, Essay Example

Civil war per se is characterized as the social uprising of the people due to the impending condition that is resulted from a particular situation that has been presented to the people. For instance, the manner by which particular rights of the people are being controlled or at some point are being limited may result to the irritation of the society. This situation would thus confer to a reaction that would cause them to unite and set plans that could provide them the chance to be heard and cause change on how they are being governed upon. In line with the history of the American people, several civil wars have been noted to have occurred through time. This is perhaps the reason why Lincoln was moved to say that if there were any particular elements that could define the American people’s general behavior, one of them would be that of the civil war.

            Rebellion is not the focus of Lincoln when he said this line, but it is the courage and the bravery of the people to stand for what they believe is right. Relatively, the American society is defined through Civil war as individuals who would stand side by side strongly between each other as they intend to create a specific unison against what they think is wrong. Relative, since each individual has his own opinion towards a situation, the formation of the pro and the cons group regarding an issue becomes evident. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that such uprising came from the desire of the people to push for what they think is right and conceivable under the law that they recognize as supreme in the country.

            Although civil wars are not as rampant in the 20th century compared to that of the latter centuries in the American history, the desire of the people to stand for what they believe is right remains strong and solid. It is from the American society that the occurrence of rallies and street demonstrations has been strongly represented through media. Desiring to present their ideas, their opinions as well as their emotions towards the authorities who could handle their concerns, the American people often form groups and/or organizations. These groups are expected to be strong enough to go out in the streets and face the challenge of the force of the police just to get their message through the destined individuals to hear their pleas.

            Understandably, the capacity of the people to face the different conditions and situations that their community faces establishes their strength and flexibility to change. Nevertheless, when they believe that certain changes have not been handled effectively as needed, it could be observed how the uprising to civil unrest or action can be considered helpful for the sake of sending out the message of the people towards their government. The American society remains to have that mark of being courageous enough to stand for their rights for the sake of following the principles of democracy and how it should likely be recognized by everyone in the society especially those who are given the power to direct and govern the country.

            The American government remains to be democratic. This means that it remains to uphold the principle of ‘a government for the people and by the people’. This principle behind the idea of a democratic rule has been considered by Lincoln to have spurred from the roots of civil war and bold social demonstrations. True, in the beginning, the approaches of the people were rather chaotic and somewhat disturbing as it often involves bloodshed and several innocent lives are lost in the battle. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that it is from this particular process that the birth of a new age condition of seeing and respecting democracy and freedom came to a realized recognition by the people of the American nation. Yes, Lincoln was right in saying that civil wars do define the general behavior of the American people.