Internal Medicine, Personal Statement Example

It is not uncommon to hear that one should learn from his successes and mistakes but as I critically analyze my life, I have tried to learn from every experience no matter how irrelevant it might have seemed at first. In fact, my internal medicine philosophy is nothing but the outcome of the lessons of all these experiences. One of my first interests in life as a young child was reading detective novels. Even back then, I was aware why I loved detective novels despite their predictable endings. What I really loved about detective novels was not the hero or the endings but the thought processes that were involved in solving the cases. The novels helped me realize that things are not always what they seem and facts cannot be unearthed unless one has looked at all aspects of an issue. In other words, detective novels helped me develop a love for critical and independent thinking. While medical science has come a long way, especially over the last few decades, human element is still very important in efficient delivery of healthcare practices and diagnosis often depends upon the skills of the healthcare practitioner rather than state of technology. As a medical practitioner, I will not rule out any possibility no matter how remote it may seem but I realize the cost of any negligence may mean the whole difference in the life of someone.

I have made a huge number of friends from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds not only because I have lived in diverse neighborhoods but also due to extensive travelling. These cross-cultural experiences have helped me expand my thinking horizon and adopt my welcoming attitude towards learning. In the beginning, I used to be quite assertive in my opinions but I eventually realized that people come from different backgrounds and have different assumptions behind their beliefs. As I became better at putting myself in others’ shoes, I realized my communication and leadership skills also improved and I found it easier to build rapport with others and attract cooperative attitude. As a medical practitioner, I will make sure I carefully listen to others even if I already know what they may be trying to say or even if I am sure others may be wrong. The goal of communication is not to be right or wrong but to solve a problem or achieve an objective. It is my desire to do something towards improving health standards in developing countries and convince the local population to adopt modern healthcare practices in place of traditional medicine so that their life standards improve. Whether I succeed or not will depend upon my convincing the local population that I truly understand them and their issues and have their best interests in my mind.

My work experiences at several hospitals have taught me that we are living in rapidly changing world where industries are being completely reshaped and healthcare sector is no different. As a result, one should not fear changes but welcome them as opportunities to get ahead of the competition. As a healthcare practitioner, I will take personal responsibility for keeping myself up-to-date with the latest trends and discoveries in medical science and acquire the latest knowledge in order to provide optimal care to my patients.

Learning takes place all the time and everywhere if we have a welcoming attitude towards it. Evolution is part of life and we should embrace it rather than fear it. As a medical practitioner, I will spare no efforts in ensuring my knowledge is up-to-date and my patients receive the care they deserve because if I am in their shoes, I would also want my healthcare provider to value my life as if it were his/her own.