Coca Cola: Organizations and HR, Essay Example

The Coca Cola Company is the world most recognizable brand in offering soft drinks operating in over 200 countries around the globe. The Coca-Cola Company is publicly traded and listed in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the ticker symbol “KO” (Campaing A. C. C., 2000).

The human resource department within the company used to function within the traditional operation scope of human resource, i.e. recruitment, selection, compensation and performance appraisa (Campaing A. C. C., 2000)l. The company has however evolved its Human Resource department over time as the company expanded, stretching global horizons in its primary operations. The company has seen the development of employee relationship and the development of a workforce that is skill based, where behavior and competency are paramount to employee performance.

The Coca Cola Company has managed to develop a workforce that is purely skill based by transforming its Human resource department. This has been purely triggered by the existing general business conditions where the market is rapidly changing into an information-based market. This has enabled the company to effectively use their intangible assets through recruitment and application of labor resources only applicable areas of the production process and management of the company. This minimizes the costs associated with labor and maximizes output by applying adequate resources where they are needed.

The Coca Cola Company is at the traditional level of the HR development cycle. This is because the set-up within the human resource department begins on concentrating on human resource issues and remodeling human resource practices or governance (Ulrich, 2009). However, the company need to be at the HR transformation level where the HR would begin by the understanding of the scope of the operations of the business.


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