Energy Products and Services, Essay Example

When presented with the challenge of marketing a new product, the important first step that any marketing team must make is determining who their target audience is (Porta, 2010). Because they plan to sell an energy-related product or service, they must determine the demographics of the group who will be interested in their product. Since people who require energy services are restricted to people who own homes, rent homes or apartments, and run businesses, these groups of people should be targeted. In addition, most of the people in this demographic are above the age of 25; it would be pointless to develop a communications plan that targets children.

Next, it is important to determine the locations in which most people would require these services; although people in many different living environments require energy, it may be most effective to target groups who live in urban settings so that a greater amount of potential customers can be reached. Once the demographics are established, markers should create a clear communications message that is both relatable to their target group and makes them understand why this energy service will be more beneficial to them than their other options.

One advertising campaign related to the energy sector that was successful was the BP gasoline commercial after the devastating oil spill. BP showed that although the spill was unfortunate, they care about the people in the gulf coast and are doing everything they can to clear the spill and support the businesses that were impacted by this incident (BP, 2012). Less successful energy commercials are seen on a daily basis. Television commercials that promote gasoline products from Shell, for example, aim to convince customers that their product is the best because of its price and rewards program. Although cheaper energy is useful to us, there are too many gasoline companies that advertise their product in this manner. Even though the oil spill caused BP gasoline to have a bad reputation for a while, the cleanup efforts made the company stand out compared to its competitors. It is important to evaluate communications and sales effects because it ultimately allows us to understand the communications messages that are boosting sales in addition to demonstrating which ones are ineffective and a waste of time.


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