Community Health Nursing Intervention, Research Paper Example


The purpose of this paper is to highlight three major community health problems facing North Palm Beach, Florida community whose zip code is 33408. A windshield survey of the community was conducted and many issues concerning the health of the people living in the community were identified. The wind screen survey entailed the study of the physical environment of the community, the kind of people living in that community i.e. demographic information which included age, sex, race, and ethnicity. Further, the survey involved the study of the health, social and mental services provided in the community. In addition to the wind screen survey, community health statistical data was collected and recorded in tables. This statistical data was analyzed and important community health conclusions were derived. Also, Camillus Housing Agency situated in North Palm Beach Florida community was analyzed and interviewed on the community housing and health concerns.

This paper provides a summary of the three priority community health problems and safety concerns identified, and, the necessary intervention which must be taken to address one of the issues.

Three priority health and safety concerns

The priority health and safety concerns for North Palm Beach, Florida community are:

Risk of waterborne and airborne diseases: The community has endeavored in many aspects to secure their health and safety matters by living according to the expected standards. There is organized collection of garbage in the larger part of the community. However, the communities of low income earners who reside in the southern part are at a very high risk of contracting waterborne diseases. This is because of poor garbage disposal resulting in poor quality of water supplied for domestic use in the community. The widescreen survey provides that, the southern side of the region faces a slight challenge in form of disorganized garbage collection due to lack of responsibility from the few residents (Kadis, 2009). The community is supplied with poor quality of air putting it at the risk of suffering from airborne diseases, like asthma, lung cancer etc. Both poor quality of water and air supply serves as health hazards for the members of the community. Air and water are the basics human being need so as to live health, continued supply of these services in poor qualities endangers people’s lives, and consequently reduces their mortality rate. Statistical data collected from the community reveals that 95% of both water and air supplied is of poor quality. At 95 percentile dirtiest supply, implies that, the lives of many people in the community are at risk. The percentage of people dying as a result of lung cancer is 47.5% in the community alone while the percentage of deaths in the whole nation is 51.5%. Also, tuberculosis stands at 1.5% of the whole population in the community as compared to 2.1% of the whole population in the state meaning the community itself produces tuberculosis (TB) cases which are more than half in the whole state. This implies that the death rates are high in this community as compared to other communities. To reduce the death rate the supply of clean air and water must be prioritized.

Risk of obesity:  A greater number of the inhabitants in the community are overweight and this serves as a health risk. The risk of heart diseases among the members of the community is related to the lifestyle they live which is accompanied with no exercise. The statistical data from the community provides that; 27.8% whites, 34.7% black and 35.7% Hispanics surfers from obesity in the community. When the above percentages are compared with the percentage of obesity cases in the whole Nation it is found that high rates of obesity cases arises from this community. CDC, National Vital Statistics Report, 2011 provides that, deaths arising from cardiovascular diseases are high in the community, CVD deaths stand at 157.8% in the community which is more than half the total deaths in the whole nation which is 253.9%. Obesity is thus a major health concern and must be given priory.

Housing problem due to poverty: A good number of people who stay in the community are homeless. Reports from Camillus Housing Agency, provides that, it has been providing humanitarian services to the indigent and homeless populations of Miami Dade Country, Florida for around 50 years. The report reveals that in a single night, it hosts about 10000 homeless individuals of different ages, social life, mental disabilities and economic standards. The housing problem has lead to critical health issues and safety concerns in the community. Those people who are provided with housing in Camillus are exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, lack of affordable health care rampant unprotected sex and domestic violence. Unprotected sex exposes the community of to the risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Alcohol and substance abuse which is common with the homeless rises both heath and security concerns. AIDS deaths stand at 4.4 % per 100000 which is a very high percentage as compared to 6.0% per 100000 in the whole state. This high risk makes this health and safety issue priority in the community.

Recommendation of community health nursing intervention

Based on the priority concerns for this community, a health education intervention for all categories of people regarding obesity is proposed. Obesity occurs as a result of people’s lifestyle and eating habits. Proper education on eating habits and change of lifestyles will greatly reduce the rick of obesity. This intervention is intended to enlighten the community on the effects of obesity, and how they should avoid its occurrence in their lives. Children, youth and elderly, will be enlightened on which kind of foods they should eat and to what capacity. Depending of each one’s life style, exercises will be recommended with the intention of helping the community to cut fats and calories which are mostly associated with obesity. Exercises and change of eating habits will help reduce cardiovascular deaths associated with cholesterol which is dangerous in obese people.

This intervention fits the strengths of the community. During the wind screen survey, the author reports that while driving around the community was able to encounter people of older age engaging on exercises earlier in the morning. The young ones also engaged in exercises in the evening in various parks and exercises centers. The availability of exercise centers and the existing exercise culture among some community members will make the obesity enlightenment education effective.

Valuation of the intervention

The evaluation of community nursing intervention are critical given that, only education will be provided and people to make choices. The community residents will not be forced to change eating habits or do exercises, but they will decide by themselves whether to change lifestyle or not to. After the intervention, exercise centers and parks will be visited to see if the turn up of people for exercises is high than before. Also, some families will be interviewed about their eating habits and the knowledge they have concerning obesity after the intervention.

Support of the intervention

The proposed intervention to provide education and enlightenment to all categories of people about effects and ways of reducing obesity is supported by many health organizations and health experts. For instance, website provides very nice guideline of preventing overweight in both children and elderly. Also the journal of medical internet research- mobile ehealth provides that obesity and chronic diseases associated with it can be prevented if people engaged in physical exercises and behaviors changes in eating habits. An institute of medicine report published in 2000 concluded that “behavioral and social interventions offer great promise to reduce disease morbidity and mortality, but yet their potential to improve the public’s health has been relatively poorly tapped”.


Based on the widescreen survey, statistical data analysis and Camillus agency analysis, it has been found that North Palm Beach, Florida community has got many health and safety concerns which need to be addressed urgently. Among the urgent health concerns include homelessness, obesity, and poor quality air and water supply. Community health intervention for obesity has been provided. At North palm beach Florida community, most of the health and safety concerns arise as a result of peoples neglect and can be reduced if people are given enlightenment on the effects if their neglect and the advantages of taking care. The North Palm Beach community will be a very good community for people to stay if necessary health interventions are taken into account.




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