I Believe, Essay Example

Despite the many examples throughout the world of ‘Man’s inhumanity to his fellow Man’ I ultimately believe in the destiny of mankind to overcome the adversity of evil dictatorships and prevail in equality, liberty and freedom for all.   In these trying times it is difficult to maintain such a focused outlook. Nevertheless, the courage that has transpired from ordinary people in the uprising of the Arab Spring has given hope to millions of people world-wide that have suffering through tyrannical regimes and brutal dictatorships.

It is a great tragedy that such changes are measured in the deaths of freedom fighters that are prepared to sacrifice their lives for liberty.  This often results in civil wars and a great loss of human life but ultimately the people remove these tyrants from office.  The case of the brutal dictatorship of President Assad in Syria and the destruction of his own people for opposing his dictatorship is a case in point.  Despite the condemnation of his own people i.e. The Arab League of Nations, the condemnation by the United Nations he continues to defy them all and has continued with the torture, murder and execution of his own people.

The cases of ethnic cleansing in the Balkan Wars resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians and ultimately many of these war criminals were brought to account for their crimes and acts of genocide at the courts in the Hague.  History recounts many brutal dictators including that of Hitler who was responsible for the extermination of 6 million Jews, Stalin was reported to have exterminated as many as 10 million people and the Khmer Rouge massacres in the killing fields of Cambodia.  It is considered that the time of these people is coming to an end and the global population are no longer prepared to tolerate the existence of these brutal murderous dictators.  We move towards a more integrated globalised society.