Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: Outline Example

I. Introduction

A. Crime as an International Phenomenon

B. U.S. vs. Saudi Arabia

II. U.S. Crime Discussion

A. Highly Developed Nation

B. World Superpower

C. High Crime Rate

D. Discussion of Specific Categories of Crime and Associated Rates

III. Saudi Arabia

A. Economically Successful and Highly Developed Nation

B. Relatively Low Crime Rates

C. Sociological Structure and Influence of Islamic Legal Codes

D. Seriousness of Legal Responses to Crimes

IV. Comparing and Contrasting Crime Rates and Categories In U.S. and Saudi Arabia

A. Sexual Violence In U.S. As Compared to Saudi Arabia

B. Comparison of Urban and Rural Crime Rates in U.S. and Saudi Arabia

C. Lack of Crime Centers in Saudi Arabia (Casinos, Nightclubs, Prostitution Centers, etc.)

V. Summary and Conclusion

A. Recap of Problems Associated with Crime in U.S. and Saudi Arabia

B. Different Approaches to Legal Systems and Justice in U.S. and Saudi Arabia

C. Suggestions for Improving Problems and Lowering Crime Rates in U.S.