Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications, Essay Example


            The moment the world of e-Commerce has been introduced to the human society, several organizations embracing the system that it offers began to spur out. Relatively, such increase in number of companies dedicated to utilizing the Internet for business purposes created a great opportunity for programmers to develop several software programs that would practically make it easier for the said business operators to handle their transactions online. Not all companies who enjoined themselves into the system were successful enough. In fact, a lot of them failed to follow through the trail of online success. Notably, though, the ones who were left standing in the fact of both challenges and competition were strong enough to impose that their system has withstood the test of time and technological advancements. In the discussion that follows, a particular focus on the system used by shall be given attention to. The operating system and the primary software operations they utilize to transact with their clients shall be explored hence pointing out how much IT operations have contributed to the success that they are experiencing at present.

Background of the Company

            Amazon is known as the American multinational organization that operates online under the principles of electronic commerce. Notably, being one of the world’s largest online retail store, it has first operated under the condition of selling books online, but has now expanded to a lot more products offered between sellers and clients accordingly. The portal utilized by the company to serve their clients and to provide advertising and marketing operations that would suit their need to be known in the web are all essential aspects of the company’s success through the years. From practically a small business in the early 1990s, Amazon has now even introduced its own brands of electronic gadgets such as handheld readers and tablets that are now making a great impact on the market around the globe. To be able to sustain the company’s strength amidst the strong competition in advancements considered in relation to the overall operation of the industry it is enjoined with, Amazon remained at the top of its league especially in utilizing the most efficient software available to provide service to their clients around the globe.

Software Applications Table

The organization’s website domain located at specifically attracts at least 615million visitors in a year. This is measured to be at least the highest rate of visitors that any other websites in the internet could handle in a year. Due to excessive traffic, the regular webhosting services provided by local web service providers became weak for the capacity of the activity that goes on within the website of the company each day. Because of this, the company then needed to create their own system. In the table that follows, one aspect of the said system of web management shall be given particular attention to. The Amazon Redshift which is noted as one of the most reliable web operating software programs in the internet shall be examined through the table presented herein:

Operating Systems Horizontal-Market Applications Vertical-Market Applications One-of-a-Kind Market Applications
Example Amazon Redshift BitYota System for managing online transactions with clients Learning the Management operations of a large website
Description of how it is used IT is used to fully manage the data of a particular website. The management includes the creation of categories for both incoming [for storage] and outgoing data [for release and distribution to client]. Operates for the cloud computing system of a website allowing it to connect with different users at one time Keeps track on the level of information coming in and out of a particular website. It entails to have a direct indication on how data would be categorized accordingly. Helps in manipulating the manner by which a particular data is used by the business especially in relation to improving the company’s marketability in the internet.
Typical user Web operators and their direct partners Web Operators Users and clients are easily able to navigate through the different sections of the website as they need to Web Managers
Advantages This system handles data categorizing operations that does not only offer one of a kind convenience to operators but also entice an easy way of navigating through the website on the part of the users or the clients of the organization. The operation of cloud computing makes it easier for the web operators to consider multitasking operations even while serving several clients at a time Allows the operators and users communicate with each other efficiently under real-time circumstances Instantiates extensive and massive connection between the company and its clients worldwide


Although it is easy to use, the cost may not be as inviting to some who are just beginning to enter the realm of e commerce When cloud computing becomes overcrowded with data, exchange of information could be jeopardized When data system crashes, maintenance check and recovery might take some time because of the increase of data stored in the system May not be as easy to contend with especially for novice users of the web system operations.


            As observed from the discussion herein, it could be noted that modern technology has indeed changed the course by which businesses operate. For instance,, a purely internet-based organization specifically proves that businesses online could thrive and survive long enough to gain the reputation and profit to support their portfolio in relation to how they define their success in the system. Overall, it could be realized that somehow, the capacity of an organization to survive the challenge that the system of e-Commerce offers depends on the programs they use to make sure that they are able to provide what their clients need and what their administration specifically demands as well. With this considerable balance of attention, the utilization of IT in every company is specifically essential in establishing strong organizations that are ready to face the competition presented in the internet.


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