Employee Satisfaction, Research Paper Example


Employee satisfaction is the process by which the requirements and demands of the employees are efficiently responded to by the team leaders, managers, and any other responsible person within the organization. The satisfaction may results from catering efficiently for the employees needs and wants in the workplace. People differ due to cultural and personally differences, this may require greater investigation in order to meet each and every employees needs effectively. From time to time the needs and wants of people keep changing due to changes in the society and even technological advancements. This has also made employees to have changes in their needs at their workplace which need to be looked properly in order to ensure satisfaction.


People have always admired to be treated well in accordance to their needs and want in order to feel satisfied and honored. Most of the organizations are trying all strategies to find out how they can install satisfaction to their employees. Failure to satisfy employees may result to low productions as they may find no reason to perform effectively.

Chapter 1: Literature review

Therefore, by considering the fact that employee satisfactions depend with the approach in which their requirements and demands are responded efficiently by the management. This paper explores how employees’ satisfaction can be met in relation to global changes.

There are applications which make employees honored hence greater performances. It is very crucial to exceptionally treat employees properly. This may follow strategies such as offering incentives to those who perform well and even paying them according to their level of education. It is very crucial to offer challenging tasks which are very achievable in order to allow employees to attain their worker goal hence articulate their creativity for better performances. This may greatly make employees enlarge their abilities without discouragements in handling their tasks.

The management should also create room for employees to advance their skills and knowledge. This may efficiently achieved through setting up training centers within the organization and also paying seminar fees for them. It is crucial to cater for the employees medical expenses in case of injury within the organization and also create a secure working environment by employing security officers.

Employees’ satisfaction plays a big goal to the success of the organization. For instance, it is obvious companies such as IBM in computer industry and Walmart in retail industry have emerged as worldwide respected companies due to special treatment of their employees. They have both provided rooms for skills and knowledge advancement hence efficient performances.


As discussed above it is very crucial to ensure satisfaction to the employees as an administrator. Societies are greatly changing and great adjustment need to be made in order to develop employees’ satisfaction every year.

Chapter 2: Research methodology


This research indicates the strategies used to determine the components which play significant role in provision of satisfaction to the employees in the workplace. It also finds out the relevant development to be made due to employees’ changes in the society.


The research also examines the employees’ compensation policies that facilitate the employees to perform efficiently. The research inspects the employees at the British Airways company. It assumes that although this policies are available they are not fully utilized hence lack of satisfaction to the employees.

Scope and Limitations

The objectives of this research is to find out the impacts which can be realized from the employees’ compensation policies as an employee’s job satisfaction medium and outcomes which can be achieved. The outcomes of this research will help in setting up the useful policies to be applied in order to enlarge the company’s productivity and effectiveness hence retaining gifted employees. This study also aims to create an effective employees compensation strategy in British Airways in order to help employees gain morally of improving their work performance.


The subjects for this study were employees of the British Airways Company. This research was done by use of survey method. The survey was conducted by use of emails which were sent to all British Airways employees throughout the research duration. Those who failed to respond were reminded by sending a reminder to them. In failure to respond to the email, they were also conducted through phone call. The survey form was signed electronically by the British Airways employee who was easily identified by email address. The survey included policies they were aware of; whether they were satisfied in the workplace and the reason they would prefer leaving their current employer. The results of the survey were evaluated and percentages calculated from the collected data.