Drivers to Improving Healthcare, Essay Example

It is no secret that technology has impacted the quality of health care delivery tremendously, in recent years globally. As such, with health care reform emphasizing the introduction of electronic health record systems across the country inhospitals, doctors’ offices and other health care settings this must be considered a movement closer to  embracingglobalization and social change within health care systems (Solution Brief, 2012).Inevitably, information technology must become relevant to health care needs of institutions and the nation.

Hence, the drivers to improving health care with technology encompass becoming compatible with global changes in the health care environment. Health care delivery is no longer pen and paper neither touch nor tapping. While this may be considered creating a distance between provider and client, it significantly improves health delivery by saving time and developing accuracy in diagnostic procedures.A patient could have been admitted to a hospital in New York 10 years ago; Information technology could store/reveals medical records  sowhen appearing for  treatment in California 10 years later; Health care providers do not have to rely on a history taken from the patient, which may be grossly inaccurate every piece of information shows up in the system accurately (Kawamoto, 2003).

Precisely, some $995 million has been channeled into health care technology when analysists discovered the impact it has already made towards improving quality of health in America and around the world (BMO Harris Contributor, 2013). Glucose monitors are now web accessible for reading results and soon patients would not have to prick their fingers to get a reading. A light technology will enable clients to receive a blood glucose level reading without the prick of a finger (Johnson, 2013).


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