Event From My Own Life: Person With Integrity, Application Essay Example

Chemistry classes have always been a challenge to a majority of my classmates. Some students were rendered speechless when the Chemistry teacher announced that he would be giving us an impromptu Chemistry exam in two days’ time. This is because they perceived Chemistry as a tough subject and its exams needed more than two days preparations in order to pass them. I heard them plan how they were going to steal the exam questions from the teacher’s office so that they could prepare for the exam adequately.

I have never thought of cheating in an exam, and could not just sit and watch my fellow classmates do this contemptible act. I brought them together, and talked about cheating in exams and its consequences, for instance, suspension, expulsion, and negative interference with the entire education system (Koch 1). Afterward, the students formed small discussion groups, revised, and when the exam finally took place, no cheating came about. This was very encouraging and my classmates actually preferred revising in groups for exams than putting into practice the otherwise deceitful behavior (Ndege 2).

I believe that academic integrity is instituted on the standards of reverence for knowledge, learning, as well as acting truthfully. Cheating compromises my integrity and weakens what I stand for as an individual in whichever institution, including the learning institution. I trust that my success is reliant on my educational efforts and integrity. It is not a mere conscious choice to help my classmates, but I understand that I have an obligation to assist people around me. Through this event, I feel that I have had the chance to demonstrate characteristics that distinguished me as an individual with integrity.

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