E-Business Homework: Ebay.com, Essay Example

           Established along with the other companies that flopped during the dot.com dot bomb’s time of development, ebay.com is considered to be among the most successful organizations at the time. Relatively, it could be understood that such assumption of position in the industry made it possible for ebay.com to grow into a multinational e-commerce business that provides services to the different clients all over the globe. Through a B2C [business to customer] system operation, ebay.com was nominated several times as one of the best performing service providers over the internet.

Through the years, ebay.com has incurred several advancements that made it easier for the company to establish a particular culture that is most effective in affecting the condition of thinking of the market that they want to serve. The international market is rather a tricky range of consideration that a single organization needs to give specific attention to. With a wide range of market to serve, ebay.com needs to specifically handle marketing strategies that would appeal to specific members of the society for them to buy particularly specific products that are released and posted for them in the website.

What establishes the integrity of this website, which specifically gets the attention of regular clients, is the height of good service they give to their customers especially in relation to order taking, support operation, safe online money transactions and delivery. B2C operations are crucial conditions of establishing a relationship between clients and the administrators of the business. Particular operations focused on keeping the integrity of the company in the face of international market servicing specifically allows the chance by which organizations operating specifically through the internet to be able to attain growth and extensive profiting success.