Energy Product Launch Plan, Essay Example

Product or service description

The need to support the course of industrialization has become a necessity especially among well-developed nations, which involves particular regions in the world including America and Europe. The production of nuclear energy seems to be a relative source of development for such countries that are strongly dependent on oil and fuel for energy resource. It could be understood then that nuclear power plants like Fukushima does provide a new avenue for the production of a specifically alternative source of energy for the nations dependent on such particular power. Relatively tough, because of what happened in Japan during the occurrence of the tsunami tragedy, the need to reestablish the strength and the capacity of the plant to produce the power it used to provide the society. The need for such renovation and redevelopment involves the need for businesses to bid on the need to support such procedure.

Considerably, the launching of a new energy product from the Fukushima plant is a promising source of organizational and national competence especially when it comes to running a more competent source of industrial strength. Given that the individuals or the organizations who would win the bid on the renovation and the adjusted ownership of the plant would actually agree on a specific table of profit-earning operations while also considering the option of developing more alternative energy resource that is both safe and efficient to support the needs of the target society.


This is the process of determining what the organization will earn in exchange of its products. Before the energy, plant fixes prices of its products; there are some factors, which it should be considered. The factors include; competition, manufacturing cost, quality of the product, market condition, and market place. Pricing is one of the fundamental aspects as one of the four Ps of the marketing mix the other three aspects of marketing mix are place, product, and promotion. Price is the only aspect, which generate revenue in the marketing mix while the others are only cost centers. The management of the energy plant should take time and seek for consultation from the experts on how the market operates as per the above factors before fixing prices.

Product or service positioning

Since the world is currently in the process of finding another source of energy apart from oil and fuel, introducing what the Fukushima plant produces is specifically timely. Notably, it could be understood that such condition of energy development is able to support the campaign for cleaner and more sustainable source of energy. However, it could not be denied that some to be highly unsafe for the community involved within the area where the power plants are located note the process of producing such type of energy; and this has been proven during the Japan-tsunami incident and how it changed the situation in areas surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This particular issue should then be given specific attention to when launching the energy product from the said resource.


The need to reduce pollution from energy resources such as oil is a pressing consideration at present. In this regard, nuclear energy that is being launched in relation to this project is expected to respond to such need. Nevertheless, safety is a huge concern that should not be put aside. Hence, when it comes to the target market, it is essential that the producers have the right capacity to reduce the expected damage that the plant may have on the society in case particular natural disasters occur. It is then assumed that when it comes to clearing out such issues, the market should be the first one to know about the precautionary measures that the organization is taking. Considerably, such concern raised the specific identification that the organization has over its corporate responsibility and its ethical role in the community of human individuals it aims to serve apart from the business goals it hopes to embrace.

Market needs, potential and growth

In the field of industrial development, the need for energy resource is expected to grow further. Relatively, with such expectation, developing particular adjustments to make sure that nuclear power resource becomes safe; it is assumed that the need for nuclear energy would continue to increase. The demand for alternative sustainable energy resources is now considered a matter of research and development. Nevertheless, with the great possibilities that the production and the development of nuclear energy is properly supported through business defined goals, and socially directed responsibilities, it is assumed that the process of developing nuclear energy would become a focus power resource for both local [Japan] and international markets [America, Europe and perhaps particular areas in Asia].

Financial Projection

With the current trend on how oil and fuel products are appreciated in the market, it is assumed that once the product based on nuclear resources would be well developed and specifically campaigned in relation to environmental and human safety, the consideration over stabilizing the price for nuclear resources is expected to have promising stand in the market. Once the regulation of the procedures and the resources for the production of this particular form of alternative energy is defined accordingly, then pricing is to be much easily determined according to market direction. Competition may arise as some tropical countries are trying to develop other alternative energy resources; however, with the more established condition of nuclear energy, a proper stand in the competition is expected to be owned by the industry of nuclear production.

In the coming years, the production of nuclear energy might be seemingly the specific response to the lessening resource of oil and fuel. In this case, the product being launched herein is practically entering a rich soil in the market especially considering that the need for energy is surely following the course of industrial development among nations around the globe. With proper development and specific market segmentation, nuclear energy would likely receive warm acceptance from both the domestic and the international market respectively.


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