Family Case Study, Capstone Project Example

This Family Case Study will examine the, “Cruz” family and their struggles with blending two cultures and matters of family issues that stem from the father struggling to support the members of the family. I will present the family, their history, and their response to the challenge of dealing with the stressors associated with family structure.

Monica and Sidaco Cruz are both 41 years old. While Monica and her parents were born in the United States and have been married for over 50 years. Sidaco was born in Mexico, but has obtained United States citizenship. Monica and Sidaco have been married for over 20 years, and together  have three children name; Lucy (age 22),  Javier (age 19),  Maria (age 17), and Manny ( age 15). Monica and Sidaco have always worked hard trying to suppose their family. Monica works at a nursing home as a nursing aid, while Sidaco worked in factory facility for over 20 years, and more recently he was laid off over a year ago. He has taken jobs as a maintenance man at a local small hotel that pays half the salary that his factory job had.

When Sidaco lost his job, that family also lost their health benefits. Due to this there has been a great deal of stress between Monica and Sidaco, which has caused tension in their marriage and family. Monica and Sidaco have always loved each other since they first met over 20 years ago, and the passion between their marriage was going strong until Sidaco lost his job. Sidaco although is working, he has changed in his behavior.  Sidaco was a man that loved being around his family that includes extended family members that have parities, dinners with friends, and other family activities that include working on cars and stuff with his sons. Sidaco has lost interest in doing anything at hours at a time. He has lost interest in his their sex life, and doing things with his wife. They have recently began to fight a lot, and wonder if they will be able to get through this difficult time in their relationship. Monica has often found him crying by himself, and he has recently become quick to angry at her and their children. Monica is worried that Sidaco’s mental health and body might be declining due to the toll of stress he is taking on his body. Monica is hiding a secret as well, as she discovered a lump in her breast a few months ago. Monica is scared to go to the doctor because of fear of the massive amount of cost of medical bills, and her overall fear staying at the hospital that she is praying the lump will just go away. She is keeping this from Sidaco because she doesn’t want to burden him anymore with problems going on. Monica has been doing well at her job, and was always known as being social and outgoing. Having a large extended family, she does a lot of family events, and helps out in the community. Since Sidaco lost his job, she was forced to pick up more shifts at the hospital which has taken a toll on her physically. Her job has recently had cutbacks, which include health and retirement benefits that have proved to come at the worst time. She has not been at a lot of her family functions, and she isn’t spending as much time with her friends as she previously did. Physically she has lost interest in Sidaco as he has aged badly in her eyes, and feels that their constant arguing is continuing to put up barriers in their marriage.

The children sense that there is something wrong within the family. Their oldest child, Lucy is married with a baby (six months old) named Erik. Lucy has asked her mother to speak with the priest at her parish about the changes in her father’s behavior. Lucy is going through a few changes in her family as well, as he has had to take time out of school to take care of Erik. Her husband is also in school and works, so she is left at home with the baby most of the time. The new addition to their young marriage has taken a toll on her physically but she is still very concerned with what is going on with her family. Lucy has spoken to her brother, Javier about the problems within the family. Javier is aware of the some of the problems that his family is going through and is worried that his parents will divorce. However, Javier also is hiding a secret, which he doesn’t want the rest of the family to know. Javier is facing having to drop out of college because of financial problems, and may have to move back home with his family because he wasn’t able to get a job or get his financial aid approved. Javier, isn’t sure what to do and doesn’t want to burden his family anymore, and his only other option is to stay at his grandparents’ home which would make his family look bad. Javier can sense that there is something else wrong as well, as his younger sister Maria is having trouble in school, and will probably not graduate. Maria has started to withdraw from the family, and from school. She was once a grade A student, but since the problems within the family have spilled over to the kids, she constantly fights with her father.  Maria is too busy skipping classes, and getting high with her friends smoking weed. Javier fears that the people that Maria hangs out with will get her in trouble with the law, since most of her friends already have records. Maria stays out all night, and sometime doesn’t come home, which has placed more stress on Monica.  Manny on the other hand is doing really well in school, but he is consistently worried about his family. Manny spends a lot of his time hanging with his mother’s parents, and is not sure is he should say something to them about what is happening at home. Manny is the only one helping around the house, and seeing the toll it has taken on his mother.

The family was once a family unit living in a 4 bedroom home in suburbs, but had to downgrade after Sidaco lost his job. They now live in a small 2 bedroom home with the garage converted into a room. The neighborhood is slightly sketchy, but the kids have a lot of friends that go to their school and family close around. The priest that Monica has talked to has suggested that the family seek counseling before the family completely falls apart. Monica has been thinking it over, and she is thinking about going to Sidaco to discuss family and marriage counseling to fix the problems that has been tearing them apart.