Fluid Power, Lab Report Example


The power of fluid as a substance could be measured through the application of pressure. The volume of fluid alone cannot produce solid force. Nevertheless, with the aid of consistent force applied upon the substance, its power or capacity to induce movement on other elements it surrounds could be measured accordingly. In the experiment that has been completed, a relative implication of such principle of force-application has been given attention to. Measuring conditions of reaction from the fluid that enforces movement on the elements it surrounds gives a distinctive approach on how the power of the fluid used in the experiment is able to manifest applied power.

Objectives of the Experiment/Activity

  1. To measure the activity of the fluid based on the reaction it develops on the force that is applied upon it as based from the setup.
  2. To define the condition by which fluid is able to enforce movement on other elements through the aid of external intervention that improves its implicative application of ‘fluid power’

Procedures Considered

  • A cylinder setup was completed which included a piston, metal valve and metal stampings
  • The setup is positioned for retraction to be completely measured especially in relation to how the fluid within the cylinder reacts with each force released with the piston begins to travel back to its retracted position.

Results Data

Through several tries [at least three times] of changing the setup’s position over and again, it has been found out that the reaction of the fluid which imposes its power within the circuit created, is based upon the setup’s elements itself. For instance, the manner by which the piston goes back to retracted position is dependent on how the valves and the metal stampings are placed within the setup. The condition of operation based on the force of the fluid only distinctively responds to how the elements in the setup are specifically situated to affect the performance of the fluid-element. The application of friction and electric force into the system even makes the resulting data change rapidly from several milliseconds that the retraction occurs. The switch button specifically applies more automatic force allowing the setup to respond accordingly to the process.

Discussion and Analysis

The experiment further showed that with external force implicated, fluid is able to create a forceful impact on other elements surrounding it. The piston’s reaction to the applied for specifically defined how the existence of fluid in the setup affects the behavior of the fluid thus indicating its power based on the intervention that occurs from the outside forces that implies impact on its performance.


It has been realized through this experiment that fluid’s power could only be measured through enforced outside intervention. The existence of reaction from the fluid as directed in the setup became possible due to the application of force based from the changing of the setup and the impact that the valve, the metal scrapings and the placing of the switch has on the overall experimental circuit used.