Folks Tale, Essay Example

There was a time when Jonathan thought that the world held true to the morals and values handed down from his forefathers and his belief in the guidance given to him held true no matter the ethical dilemma or moral challenge he faced while on his travels.  Jonathan was a young man that traded his family’s crafted iron work.  He loved to travel because while he was a skilled trader and ironsmith he was a writer at heart.  He used his salesman’s travels to increase his knowledge of the world and provide him with the fruits to harvest his passion for writing.

During one particular time abroad, he came upon a passing caravan of a somewhat shady group of northerners.  It was not their particular clothing or the mere fact they were from a different land that made them seem like a lot that was not on the straight and narrow but it was the chest of clothing that did not match the quality or fashion of that worn by the members of the group.  As they passed one another a wiry mutt of a dog jumped across the wagon onto Jonathan’s path.  Jonathan stopped and as he scratched the dog behind the ear he started to listen to the rouges’ tale of how they appropriated the chest of goods.  Knowing it was taken from a young lady in the town in which he was going to travel to Jonathan knew it was his moral obligation to right the wrongs but he was also smart enough to know that he did not want any harm to come to himself or others.

“Hey lads” he shouted. “If I can use my magic to get this dog to talk would you trade me the chest for this iron kettle?”  Knowing the value of the chest was great that that of a used kettle he knew his wits must be sharper than that of the air on a February morning.  “Of course we would…spoils of war these are and we need a kettle for dinner!” With a simple command Jonathan sat up and said “ DOG!  What sits atop a house?”  “ROOOFF” the dogs yelps.  “What does the sandpaper feel like that grinds these pots?” Jonathan remarks. “RUUFF” the dog barks again.  With a quick swap the chest was Jonathan’s and off he rode to return the wares to their rightful owner.