For the Bible Tells Me So, Essay Example

            What does the bible say? This question is the focus of documentary created by Eric Snider in his video documentary on homosexuality and their families as he tells and examines their story. Relatively, the stories presented in the document presents how people viewed homosexuality based on three particular dimensions; one being the society, the other the religion and the third is the society. With more focus on religion, the presentation of the stories of the people who were interviewed imposes that religious groups have impacted how the society viewed homosexuality in the past years of human history thus making it easier for the society to shun the issue as being unclean and simply ungodly.

Relatively though, when it comes to the bible, it is clearly defined through the documentation that it does impose that ‘homosexuality is bad’. Except for one line saying ‘men lying with men’, there is no specific indication that ‘God does not support homosexuality’. Does this then mean that men and women who are simply not feeling anything for the opposite sex and yet feels differently about their own kind [yet do not sleep with them] should not be condemned nor judged? This question raises different deepening assumptions on how families would actually way their religious morals compared to their personal understanding of a ‘family’ and how its members should be treated ‘and loved’ accordingly as defined in the bible as well.

Personally, this documentation provided me with a better view of what religion is. It does direct people to do a lot of things and shun a lot of things. Religious leaders ought to interpret the bible and share such interpretation to their members as basis of the proper lifestyle they are expected to follow. Nevertheless, it is still the human being that needs to decide for himself. True, religion may have an impact on one’s thinking, but as the bible mentions, with the personal or individual will that is given to human kind, it still belongs to a person to decide whether or not he is to follow what religion is imposing for him to accept as part of his living.

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