Greek Demi-God Achilles, Questionnaire Example

What is significant about Greek demi-god Achilles?

In addition to the known facts that Achilles as one of the most handsome Greek heroes of war, there are a lot of lessons that people can learn from his war activities. Achilles was regarded as one of the immortal soldiers of the ancient Greek who attained his immortal characteristics when his dipped him in the water of River Styx. This was one of the reasons that made him unbeatable in wars. From his war tactics most Greeks have developed different strategies of solving different problems not only in war but in different spheres of life (Heath, 2005).

Achilles’ war tactics are used in different scenarios to solve different problems. His war tactics were categorized into different skills which were applied in sequentially to defeat the enemy. In the first skill, Achilles knocks his shield against the enemy. This has been applied in real life situation to mean that the first solution towards solving the problem is to take some action.

In the second skill Achilles uses the javelin to distort the enemy’s movement. In the third skill, he is able to master the all the tactics of the enemy having reduced the enemy’s speed. As the fighting goes Achilles overwhelm the enemy by capitalizing on the weaknesses. The third skill teaches people that in order to manage a problem, one has to contain it before it can generate to unmanageable levels (Matthew, 2002).

Why do some people consider Achilles Weak?

Some of the war tactics used by Achilles in some situations his critics to consider him weak, for instance, most of skills were aimed escaping the enemy in order to avoid confrontation. This behavior is associated with cowards or weak soldiers who cannot confront and withstand the enemy. Escaping or avoiding the problem is the best approach to solve the problem; it is typically postponing the problem. Achilles critics also add that disabling the enemy in a fight is not a good strategy, as the fighter is simply avoiding challenge. One on one confrontation with the enemy is very important for a fighter to learn from the enemy’s tactic.

What was Achilles role in the community?

Besides being a Trojan soldier who had the responsibility of protecting the community from external invasion, Achille acted as role model to the soldiers and other members of the community in ancient Greek. He ensured law and order by controlling crime in the society. Achille also taught on the importance of the virtues of unity, honor and friendship. These virtues were manifested by his self governing principles. Achilles is remembered as one of the honest soldiers when he refused wealth offerings from a man who committed against him. The man had offered Achilles wealth that ranged from seven cities in Trojan, seven women and many buckets of gold. However, Achilles declined the offer since he strongly believed in righteousness and honesty.

Discuss the community of Iliad.

Iliad is like the battle preferred battle field but bring together the mortals and the gods. The community of Iliad remain is where the gods stops Achiles when his about to kill Agamemnon who had committed a crime against him. It also the community of Iliad that has immortalized characters who are fighting with mortals to correct from their wrong doings; this is exhibited in the war between Achilles and Agamemnon. The community is also one of the richest regions in that is blessed enormous wealth ranging from gold and other important minerals. Iliad as portrayed in Achilles story is  a good land that should be protected from selfish individuals such Agamemnon who are only interested in ensuring their personal gain at the expense of the general public (Latacz, 2009).

Discuss the Epic and Orality from Homers Iliad.

Homers Iliad is one of the writings in literature that has greatly impacted the lives in Greek. His poems are highly rated not only for the good literature but also life teachings. The poems have story teachings that touch on different issues in life such as religion, peace and violence. Moreover, the epic teaches on people on issues pertaining to honesty and morality in the society. It is from Homers Iliad that people are able to learn how to dangers of stealing, immoral behaviors and deceiving others. To communicate his message, Homer employed different literally devices such repetition. It is through Homers work that the modern day audience is able to get information on the Trojan War, the characters and even learn more about the Greek ancient culture and demigods (Kirk, 2006).


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