Growing Money, Outline Example


  • Most of us try to find a purpose in life so that life has meaning
    • My purpose in life is to grow money
  • Thesis: Growing money will help me with personal issues as well as make difference in the world


  • Money will help me meet estimated healthcare costs
    • Need at least $500,000 for surgery, medications, and rehabilitation
  • Money will help me build a physical exercise health studio
    1. Source of income
    2. Employment for several individuals
    3. Positive change in the society through promotion of exercise lifestyle
  • Money will also enable me to market my business
    • Marketing is especially needed in early stages
      1. Create brand awareness
      2. Build customer base


  • I want to grow money
    • It will help me take care of medical expenses
    • Start a business
    • Make a positive difference in society