Hindu Beliefs, Essay Example

Hindu beliefs affect the behavior and expectations of Rama and Sita by using them to define the typical roles of men and women in their society. When Sita learns about her husband’s exile, she states that “a woman’s life revolves around her husband”, which reinforces the idea in India at this time that women should be completely devoted to their husbands. After Sita is captured, Rama continuously tests her devotion to him, which further emphasizes this idea of women being devoted to their husbands. The values and beliefs in Ramayana contradict modern values in American society. Although historically we agreed with the Ramayana in that women should live for their husbands, we no longer do. Women are able and encouraged to live their own lives first and consider their husbands as second. If a husband chooses to constantly test a woman’s devotion and treats her poorly as a consequence, it is unlikely that she will choose to stay with him.

Oedipus is dedicated and a realist; he is a good kind who loves his family and people and fails to believe in the prophet’s words by showing a non-belief in godly forces. To him, the idea of the prophecy coming true doesn’t make sense. Aristotle says that a tragic hero must evoke in the audience a sense of pity or fear, saying, “the change of fortune presented must not be the spectacle of a virtuous man brought from prosperity to adversity”. Oedipus fits this definition because he’s a kind and caring king but he has a quick temper that causes him to commit crimes against his society; his tragic flaw is his anger. Oedipus is not a helpless victim of fate because if he had chosen to still believe the prophecy later on he would have recognized its true meaning. The last lines of the play mean that human accomplishments come and go but when people die we remember them for their love and compassion; successes during live don’t protect people from feeling suffering after their death. This is universally appropriate because not even successful people are protected from death. This is a typical hero’s journey because Oedipus struggled to live, he returned home, needed to go on a quest, and then had a tragic demise. Oedipus is a tragic hero because the way his life was saved in the beginning of the story ultimately led to his death in the end.