How Identity Has Been Represented, Imagined, or Negotiated? Reaction Paper Example

In the story “la rueda del lambriento”Alicia Mendoza is one of the female characters, a nurse by profession and who was sent to work in outer Chiapas. Alicia is used to point out the suffering encountered by indigenous people in southern state; especially women

The relationship between Alicia and the doctor is not well thriving, Alicia’s withdrawal from the services portrays misunderstanding between her and the doctor. Alicia like other female character reveals the way female are undermined and not recognized. Alicia’s realization of autonomy is portrayed through her successful exit from the clinic and her dignified negation of his male knowledge.

Alicia is viewed as awkward, undesirable and clumsy this is only because she is a woman. She represents those women with passion, strength and greater potential to change miserable life’s especially how women are viewed. Alicia is viewed as an ugly female figure.

Alicia’s experience in the working profession reveals struggle that women undergo to be accepted and recognized in the masculine dominated profession. She faces great humiliation. The boundaries that restrict Alicia as female need to be revised along with the rest of her cultural knowledge.

Alicia’s fantasy still encompasses female roles such as raising, children and washing clothes this reveals the socialized boundaries of femaleness. Through Alicia castellanos appeal for total erase of body traces to be a complete revelation of Cixou’s dictum and one which arise brutal suppression of the body in order for female creativity to be achieved.

Class and ethnicity is important pointer of female difference in castellanos female characters, this is majorly faced by educated women. Restriction meaning to female body points to constructedness of gender. The vision of female creativity based on female body represents frustrations of female attempts at self definition within the constraining patriarchal set up.