Interactions Between Men and Women, Annotated Bibliography Example

The contrast between individuals communicating to each other is often considered to be strongly affected by the gender of the person. Being a man or a woman apparently has some effect on how one communicates his or her feelings towards other people. Not only that, the process of interpreting the words of others also creates a distinct way by which on is able to understand what is being conveyed by the other. It is understood that somehow, conflict often arise when such differences become evident in line with a particular conversation that individuals engage in. Through this research, several references regarding communication and gender differences shall be explored to be able to seek the right cause behind the conflict thus hoping to create possible resolutions to form better and more effective approach to communication. Presented herein are some of the primary references that shall be used for this research.

Annotated Bibliography:

Grohol, D. J. (1995-2013, June 9). Retrieved from Psychcentral: Retrieved on June 11, 2013. This website provides brief and direct description on the difference of communication that occurs between men and women. Utilizing this reference would be good in citing the different considerations of communication that govern gender conversations in the society today.

MacGeorge, E. L. ( 2004). The Myth of Gender Cultures: Similarities Outweigh Differences in Men’s and Women’s Provision of and Responses to Supportive Communication. Sex Roles , pp 143-175 . This reading material provides a clear distinction on what gender differences is and how it basically affects communication approaches between men and women especially in the aspect of ‘giving meaning’ and understanding words from direct conversations. This reading is expected to help in establishing a good course in establishing the path towards understanding how different men are from women when it comes to convening and decoding messages through communication.

MacGeorge, E. L. (2003). Gender Differences in Attributions and Emotions in Helping Contexts. Sex Roles , 175-182 . Emotion is considered in this reading as a great element that dictates how a woman communicates apart from the process that a man takes into consideration. Relatively, knowing these differences in emotional constraint applied in communication would give a distinctive indication on how people tend to react on words that are being said to them by others.

Noller, P. F. (09/2002). Understanding Marriage : Developments in the Study of Couple Interaction. West Nyack, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press. This reference material imposes on some examples by which families suffer particular conflicts due to the difference of approaches that men and women utilize when it comes to communicating with each other. Relatively, this reading also provides a good sense of direction on how to overcome such problems in the family.