IT Project Implementation Failures, Essay Example

In order to apply unique information technology (IT) system into a particular business several procedures will certainly be taken for the particular program in order to succeed. Just about all, several organizations might try to be able to leave out procedures or alternatively short cuts, and the outcome is actually IT system failure.

Indicators of IT Failures and Ways to Minimize the Occurrences

Five factors for the particular IT system implementation failure according to Wager et. Al. (2009), generally there is certainly not enough clearness associated with the project. Hence no one believes with regard to the project as well as deficiency of leadership, too along with organizational initiative undernourishment and also implementing new version of IT systems.

One technique to reduce the entire occurrences is to supply detailed instruction regarding every project so that all the people has a well defined objective and generally there is usually the requirement that would have open correspondence which is going to allow employees the chance to ask queries for clarification. By doing this particular technique everyone involved has a clear understanding of new goals recommended with the new implementations.

Another cause for IT system implementation is actually the deficiency of leadership which creates a great deal of complexity of projects. According to Wager (2007), leaders tend to be responsible of time management, company, as well as planning and ensuring the budget is set to accomplish objectives in a particular period of time via proper procedures. Whenever all of these processes are not provided the proper amount of time that would complete these projects then short cuts can be taken in order to complete the particular project effectively and correctly. To prevent failure, leaders require allowing enough time by completing a thorough analysis of every project by choosing a plan of action in order to complete any kind of project in a timely way effectively.

An additional severe error in organizations according to be able to Wager (2007), which may result IT system failure, is actually the entire deficiency of candor inside a great organization. Wager keeps going to state a lack of candor occurs whenever a particular business creates an environment which refuses to acknowledge negative news or additionally welcome debate. This sort of environment can never succeed given that issues will likely not be solved. One technique to avoid this might be to be able to create a particular environment which enables constructive conflicts, debate or simply even negative information.

A different error usually created inside organizations according to Wager (2007), that causes IT program failures is actually initiative undernourishments. This happens whenever organizations apply a large venture which might need individuals to be able to actively take part, as well as take on some other projects that may decrease the entire amount of members on each team. But bear in mind, the amount of function required will certainly not change plus puts more work on the remaining members.

The actual previous mistake that lots of companies makes according to Wager (2007), is implementing new version of IT systems instead of picking out one that has absolutely been tested and additionally proven in a health care industry.  Implementing unused IT systems can prove to be a costly error which should come with bugs worked out and even be more trouble compared to it is very value by loosing creation hours striving in order to make the system function.

This is avoided by choosing IT program which is absolutely tested, evaluated, as well as come with almost all the bugs worked from the body because it is actually absolutely operational within alternative organizations.


As alongside any company the entire mistakes revealed within this reading just touch the particular surface or alternatively reasoning for implementing IT program failures. Having said that, many of these usually are certain of the most commonly known errors within company that cause failure due to the fact that projects had been rushed, deficiency of leadership was actually evident, deficiency of candor, initiative undernourishment, over-budgeting, not to mention untested technologies.


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