Cynthia Nursing, Personal Statement Example

I served for approximately eight years in the U.S. Army as a Medical Laboratory Technician and performed different roles such as blood banking and clinical laboratory technician, shift leader, trainer, and mentor. Before that I also worked in the finance, insurance, and hospitality industry. But I didn’t enjoy any other work experience as much as my career stint with the U.S. Army because the work was challenging and fulfilling and at the same time, a great fit to my personal values. I strongly believe in service to the society because I grew up in a family that often volunteered in the community and my upbringing is the reason I am compassionate, non-judgmental, and empathetic. My friends often tell me I have a special ability to make even strangers comfortable with me because I show genuine interest in people and try to understand them. Thus, it is only natural that I would be attracted to the nursing profession.

I enjoy meeting people and believe you can learn from anyone because people have diverse life experiences. This is why professions that provide opportunity to interact with people will help me take advantage of my strengths. I know from personal experiences that nursing profession requires not only technical competency but also other traits such as patience, stress-management, and time organization skills. Fortunately, all these are one of my strong personal traits. At the same time, future career prospects in nursing are also better than most other professions due to changing global demographics, thus, career security is also a positive.

I want to pursue a degree in nursing in order to learn about the latest theories and trends in the nursing profession. I believe one should choose a career path he finds interesting and which also suits his skills and strengths. My experience as well as my professional performance has convinced me I will not only enjoy my work as a nurse but will also excel at it because I continuously strive to update my skills and stay in touch with the latest trends in the nursing profession..