Leadership Practicum, Essay Example

The Leadership challenges and successes that I encountered while working at Pro- Haul Moving Company as an information desk involved projection of the image of the organization as the first impression to the visitors. This position is very critical as the first impression created to any person visiting the organization will determine the future interaction with the organization. The improvement of skills and offering support to the people was a critical requirement for this position. The achievement of stress management that is naturally associated with the hectic nature of the schedule required for the position of an information desk attendant was a significant achievement during the leadership Practicum at Pro- Haul Moving Company.  Successful stress management made the job to be lively and enjoyable. The challenging situation of the job was attributed to the fact that this is a position associated with the highest visibility and therefore the positive impression of the organization depends on positive leadership qualities. Equally important was the need to maintain a high echelon of cleanliness that also contributes to the positive impression of the incoming visitors.

The ability of professional attributes development, dealing with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, working independently and commitment to the roles and duties of information desk attendant was also associated with significant challenges.

The first conversation with the visitors involved warm greetings and welcoming note followed by the need to know what assistance that they wanted from me. Most of the visitors were impressed by the way I expressed concern to their needs. However, I experience some critical challenges in handling some visitors who were not patient enough since they expected to go directly and meet the management staff without wasting their time.