Logic and Critical Thinking, Outline Example

Emotionally charged decision making is detrimental to logical and critical thinking. Decisions made should not be driven by panic, insecurity as well as ego. The starting point of critical thinking is logic which implies to unwarranted act that facilitates acquisition of knowledge of the relevant facts to be assembled in order to reach an amicable solution. Critical and logical thinking requires the acknowledgement of people as the greatest assets and it should account for the ongoing events in the brains of individuals. Critical thinking in a business perspective requires that the impacts of people are brought to the decisions.

Logical and critical thinking should attempt to engage all employees since majority of the workers are usually disengaged. It is important to appreciate that, disengaged employees are spectacularly less productive, creative, as well as committed in comparison to the otherwise engaged workers. Logical and critical thinking calls for an accurate consideration of the consequences over several timeframes.

Acquisition of certain some skills is important for logical and critical thinking. Sensitivity to a variety of language use and the potential aptitude of realization of situations of supporting assertions with evidence are important considerations in logical and critical thinking. A logical and critical thinker must distinguish between the truth in a sentence and the potential support to other sentences. They also must be able identify arguments, their parts, the unstated premises and sort out the premises as well as the conclusion of arguments from their stated context. The use of premises to support a conclusion in argument evaluation is also an important determinant of logical skills required for logical and critical thinking.

These are the critical and vital thinking skills that influence everyday logical and critical thinking. Language plays a vital role in the human culture since it is the means of discussing issues of relevance in logical and critical thinking