Managing Yourself: Reaching Your Potential, Creative Essay Example

Success can seem elusive, especially in a difficult economy.  Robert S. Kaplan describes the key elements necessary for both personal and professional success in his article Managing Yourself – Reaching Your Potential.  Individuals must take the time to examine themselves and apply their findings in order to shine in their ventures.  By focusing on knowing oneself, developing the necessary skills to excel in their craft, and having both strong character and leadership skills, people have the opportunity to truly be happy.

According to Kaplan (2008), mastering certain elements is crucial in leading a successful life.  Knowing oneself encourages confidence and helps in directing a career path.  Individuals should be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and be aware of what makes them happy.  Success in one’s occupation depends on individuals choosing a field which they enjoy, rather than what they feel they should be doing or based on the opinions of others.  Along with self-awareness, certain skills must be developed to ensure professional success.  For example, if one wants to be a musician, practice is required.  Character and leadership skills must also be demonstrated.  Character is achieved by putting the needs of others ahead of one’s own and making sacrifices which will benefit the greater good of the organization.  Good leadership qualities are realized by being true to oneself and personal values, and then speaking one’s mind when necessary.

Reaching one’s potential is within the grasp of all people.  Success and happiness can be achieved by being honest with oneself and working hard to apply necessary skills.  These factors take time and hard work to develop, but are worth the rewards in the end.

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