Mobile/Viral Video Production Company, Essay Example


            The industry of mobile creation has reached its peak status in relation to the manner by which the gadget industry has surged during these years. It could be understood that somehow, it is because of this trend in the market that companies like Mobile/Viral make a great impact on how the development of the trend takes a sense of advancement through time depending on how the market responds to the said change of culture in utilizing videos. For this particular presentation, a suggestion on how the company could boost their way of marketing the videos they create shall be given particular attention to.

Suggested Approach:

            The need to create videos that are to be responded upon by the society with a viral impact is a good sense of marketing. Utilizing video patterns that are easier passed on to mobile gadgets and other low-grade video formats. The videos to be created ought to be high in quality and easy to stream through the internet. This would make the approach to establishing the trust and the belief of the people towards the capacity of the company to provide high-end videos that are able to capture the attention of the public and retain their interest on the said elements of visual attraction.

The target clients to accept such offers include companies that want to create instant commercial videos that could be passed on through the internet to all the different users at one time. It is believed that gaining the attention and the appreciation of the said individual agencies and companies would provide Mobile/Viral a better sense of direction on what particular services and products they are to offer the public with through the technology that they are using for operation.

Defined Goals for Marketing:

  1. Create a viral video that would get the attention of company marketers allowing them to understand and practically appreciate what Mobile/Viral has to offer.
  2. Manage the assets of the company especially in relation to the technology it uses to make a series of video presentations that would be able to get the attention of the target market the company hopes to serve.
  3. To manifest a sense of professionalism while also initiating a sense of distinction on how the company handles the most crucial points of marketing to the public. The professional design of the videos mixed in with the specific backdrop that is more relatively marketable in approach shall provide the clients an idea on the wide span of control that the company has on the technology it has and the vision it depends on as it creates videos that mainly attract the public’s attention.

Strategies to Reaching Goals:

            Notably, the primary strategy to be used to reach the goals noted in the previous section involves the capacity of the video creators to utilize high-end technology and a good sense of video design to give a high value to the presentations to be created. Reaching the right clients to view the said videos is important. Posting marketing links to websites that these clients might likely regularly visit is one specific strategy that could support the aim of creating a better sense of promoting both the services and the products that the company has to offer.