Mobile/Viral Video Production, Essay Example

Mobile/viral video production company is focused on videos crafted for mobile production. Their goal is also design technology to make it easy to share and amplify their mobile and video reach.  They want to go viral in record setting time.  The key age of individuals who utilize mobile video is between the ages 12-17 and 18-24.  The mobile video optimizing will create a video that will appeal to these small screen viewers.  The ultimate goal is to develop the name and reputation of the company as being the leader of video production.  Name association with readily recognized videos is important for the company to proceed with their long-term company goals.  The Mobile/Viral Video Production Company will utilize content strategy to reach their goal and successfully market their product. The content strategy is to use social media to get the product and service into the hands of the individuals who use mobile video the most.  Their primary target is the 18-24 age groups.  Because this age group is young enough to be involved in many different social media groups.  Facebook would be the first social media that Mobile/Viral uses.  It is a very popular and highly accessed social site that could open up the opportunity for many views and also a lot of feedback for their growing company.  This is an important part of finding their success with a .700 batting average for producing exceptional videos they need to utilize the feedback to reach the ultimate goal they are shooting for. The key point indicators will be visible through the feedback that is being given on the website.

The other content strategy would be to expand the reach and target another social network, Twitter.  Specifically, Twitter has a much further clientele, reaching more international locations than Facebook.  By using this outlet, we will be able to measure the success that is being presented to the target audience.  This is done by followers, feedback and retweets ultimately.  The goal of providing the best of the best in mobile video requires the company to have high expectations.  However high the goal is set, they have to be attainable.  Taking the successful videos they have had as a standard, they can continually improve and set the bar a little higher.  This is where Facebook and Twitter plays a vital role as well, to allow them to take feedback and popularity of a specific video and use it as a guide.  Lastly, it is important to stay within the relevant and time associated with these videos.

Mobile/viral will take advantages of owned, earned, paid, and shared media by utilizing every opportunity to reach the target market, and beyond.  The free lance developers and full-time staff will produce videos to reach even further.  The social media team will use social channels to amplify the company and its products.  By using both earned and owned media, they can continue to amplify their videos in order to create the recognition and quality they are shooting for.  The paid and shared media will also be utilized for targeting their market once videos have reached the desire attention through other channels of evaluation. The Mobile/Viral Video Production Company has many different options to utilize in order to reach their goal and successfully market their product.   By following the standards and goals they have set for themselves, they will be able to grow and captivate the mobile video market by setting a standard for what excellent is.