Network Security: Chapter 4, Essay Example

The most surprising factor to know was the virtual private network architecture that utilizes public switched telephone network to create a separate and secure circuit. In this way, a cost effective and secure point to point connectivity is established within remote offices. Remote access virtual private network is found to be most difficult, as any system can be accessed remotely regardless of their geographical location. The connectivity incorporates hundreds of routers and network gateways via remote request travels from one end of the planet to the other. In case of network failure of any one network segment, there is a requirement of establishing another network path for executing the remote requests. However, for selecting the shortest path for sending the remote request, (Open shortest path first.2007) OSPF is utilized. “Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is an interior gateway protocol which is used for routing between routers belonging to a single Autonomous System. OSPF uses link-state technology in which routers send each other information about the direct connections and links which they have to other routers. Each OSPF router maintains an identical database describing the Autonomous System’s topology. From this database, a routing table is calculated by constructing a shortest path tree”.

Moreover, a concept of neighboring routers that is associated with Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) indicates that routers have a common and generic interface on the network (Neighboring routers.2007). likewise, in the process of finding the adequate routers for taking the remote access request forward, on multi-access networks, neighboring routers are discovered dynamically by the OSPF via the ‘Hello protocol’.


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