New Product Development, Reaction Paper Example

The idea for the team up came up 2 years ago when microchip was interested in differentiating their products. Microchip knew that there were product design companies out there that served the same market they did, by providing different products. Microchip pursued this partnership because they knew it would differentiate their products from those of their competitors. The partnership would be a win-win situation for both Microchip and Nectar. This is an example of product development partnership, though it involves two teams from different organizations, which are referred to as cross-functional team.

Nectar is a product development company. The company combines mechanical and electronic and software engineering, with industrial design to produce high technology products. The company holds over 70 patents. Nectar deals the medical, industrial, consumer and energy sector. Microchip Technology Inc. deals with production of microcontrollers, analogue semi conductors and low risk product development. Microchip Inc. offers exemplary technical support. Apart from the products mentioned above, Microchip also produces memory products, data converters, wireless, power management, interface, safety and security products among others.

The teaming up of both companies might have happened in an informal setting, but in the end they decided to come up with ‘solar flora’  which is a device that looks like a flower used to charge phones and laptops at the subways. Earlier on, both companies had created emergency lighting systems used along with the fire alarms. The product will enable people that are caught up in a fire emergency to vacate the buildings safely. Under the team up, Nectar also came up with a device that reminded people to take their medical prescriptions on time. The electronic device will use light, sound, and vibration cues to remind users to take their medicine. Other products are global fuel box, light saver, tristar and Nova bicycle light.

The customers will definitely benefit from the partnership. Both companies are prestigious companies, serving the same clients but on different levels. The companies will pull together their resources and skills. Nectar will design the products and services that will incorporate devices from microchip.

Since the two companies specialize in different things, challenges are bound to happen. Cross-functional teams are unique, in that each team specializes in something else. Each team has its own way of doing things, which makes it hard for both teams to sit down together and work on something. With this kind of partnership, different teams have their own unique ways of motivation and communication.

Nectar Product Development has adopted open office layout. This setting allows employees to discuss and collaborate on projects easily. The office has a lot of white boards, which allows the designers to have side bar meetings and write their ideas down.

Historically, Google has not been known for great designs. The company used to focus on approaches like A/B testing tiny, instead of allowing their designers to create the whole vision for the company. However, since 2011 this changed when Google began designing good apps. Google +, Gmail, you tube and Google maps are now consistent and beautiful. This solves the problem of lack of creativity, which had been attributed to Google. This was achieved when small teams of designers within laid up a vision. The designers are working consistently on that vision.

Larry Page has reinvented Google. When he joined the Google team his first directive with the Google team was to redesign all their products. Everyone within Google had the responsibility of working together to making Google look good.

Initially Google was innovative and fast moving at the same time. Therefore, different products grew up on their own, which led to differentiation and low standards.

Google UXA refers to a small group of designers based in New York. The influence of the group in the redesigning of Google is big. The role of the UXA team is to create a true UI framework that transforms Google apps into beautiful, accessible and consistent to users. The team also focuses on keeping the vision consistent within all Google’s products. UXA has brought a series of improvements and consistency to the products and they are still working on them.

Google products have evolved to Google ‘process’ this is because designers combine different design language from cross product initiatives and combine it with the user needs for a particular product. Each product has different variations because of the specific implementations.

When Larry page came into Google, he readjusted things. There was a shift in the organizational culture such that teams still retained their independence, but there was increased communication and collaboration. Seven key were brought up together and they came up with key design concepts such as the moonshots concept. Larry is a design dictator that has pushed Google to greater heights.

Apple seems to be losing ground; three years ago it was the most innovative company, but right now it is trailing behind Google and Amazon. Apple shares have fallen down at the same time it is lagging in creativity. Apple is facing stiff competition from Google’s devices. Apple need to be creative and new create new products rather than follow the old designs that are no longer attractive.

The video has a information regarding the animations, which present themselves in Google when used. It further goes ahead to show how to maneuver with the Gmail so as to enjoy the diverse products it contains. Of great appeal in the video is how the technology can be able to demonstrate its independent interaction with human beings, without even being guided.

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