Organic Grocery Store, Essay Example

Question and Response Paper

  1. Detail how your business could use Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 to increase sales and degrease cost. Be sure to focus on the difference areas of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, sales, customer service, and human resources. You would like to build a collaboration toll for all of your customers and events.

Web 1.0 platform could actually help in increasing business visibility among customers. Appearing as online catalogues and brochures, the Web 1.0 platform would be able present products that the customers might be interested in and have them request for orders through the ‘shopping cart system’. On the other end, when the focus on client-centered service is put to close attention, it is essential that the Web 2.0 platform be used. It would basically allow clients to have a ‘say’ on what they want to see or what they want to receive from the company. Interaction shall become an easier task for support operators to handle especially when it comes to responding client-queries about the products and the business. Web 2.0 could also serve as the connecting element between the members of the business who are situated apart from each other, some even located in remote areas. This way, business transactions could be easier dealt with.

Through the collaborative use of both platforms, it is expected that the organization would be able to gain ample attention from the public or the market that it hopes to serve and likely be able to handle the responsibilities it is expected to confer with in relation to what it promises its hopeful clients.

  1. What type of collaboration tool would you build?

Through the use of the Computer Supported Cooperative Work or the CSCW, it could be understood that the overall operations of the business [both internal and external] could be better assisted through the applications of modern computer applications. This way, handling communication in a B2B and B2C platform would be more effective and would likely bring more benefit to the business.

  1. How could you use the tool to facilitate planning, product development, product testing, feedback, and so on.

The CSCW is a software program that comprises of the most complicated and most comprehensive operations that could help on business planning and operation respectively. Customizing the software to fit the needs of an online organic grocery shop would best provide the groundwork for developing a more responsive distinction on how the organization’s standing is protected in the market apart from both online and offline competitors in the industry.

  1. What additional benefits could a customer collaboration tool provide that could help you run your business?

Interaction with clients is essential especially when running an online business. Relatively, being a virtual organization, clients have so many questions and doubts that should be given attention to by the administrators. Considerably, it could be realized that only through establishing fully operative system of connecting with clients through chats, mails and other forms of communication would then be given the assurance they need to actually close transactions with the organization amidst their being ‘online’. with the use of a customer-collaboration tool, such interaction and connection with customers become possible hence increasing the possibility of making credible sales and hopefully loyal customers who would serve as patrons of the business at a regular basis. This would serve as the strong foundation of the organization in performing better business operations online and likely hoping for a particular source of business growth in the industry it is enjoined with.