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  • Literary Tradition Course, Essay Example

    Literary tradition refers a works collection, which contain underlying coherence and interconnectedness, which makes them, not just a works group sharing group or geography. For instance, Irish drama and poetry [...].

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Essay Example

    Introduction The concept of PTSD is mostly associated with the military and exposure to dangerous combat situations.  Vietnam and the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan being prime examples.  Spirituality [...].

  • Writing in Public Speaking Class, Essay Example

    Public speaking has been emerging as one of the most valuable soft skills in the real world and employers in almost every industry prefer candidates with strong public speaking skills. [...].

  • Procurement, Research Paper Example

    There was no procurement or contract strategy plan and the project failed. Case Study – The US Census Bureau The US Census Bureau  faced over $2 billion in cost overruns [...].

  • A Typology of Research Purposes, Coursework Example

    A Typology of Research Purposes and Its Relationship to Mixed Methods This article focuses on the public health problem of diabetes; in particular, the paper adopts a unique perspective known [...].

  • Pain, Compliance, and Family, Research Paper Example

    The first concept that applies to Mr. F’s concern is pain: after all, he came to the emergency room complaining of chest pain. Pain can be defined in a number [...].

  • The Problem of Drug Trafficking, Research Proposal Example

    Introduction The United States prides itself on a progressive and democratic foundation, and one also of international stature.  Unfortunately, this is belied by a glaring and shameful circumstance.  The inescapable [...].

  • Capital Punishment, Research Proposal Example

    Abstract This aim of the research is establishing the prevalence of drug trafficking and the associated effects of this vice on the individuals both directly and indirectly involved in this [...].

  • The Book of Job, Research Paper Example

    A Man Named Job and the Book Where His Name was Carved The words of Almighty God in the Holy Bible serve as guidance and life-lessons to the readers. The [...].