Paradise Kitchens, Essay Example

Executive Summary

The desire to create good-looking and clean-feeling kitchens has been a desire among homeowners ever since the beginning of time. With the new innovations that have been introduced in the field of interior decoration, kitchen designs come in a particular concern for homeowners as this area is where they mostly prepare their food hence making it one of the busiest areas in the house. Not only will it require proper spacing options for the placing of the different furniture and fixtures necessary for the said area, but it will also entail on the availability of particular appliances that are considered necessary for a kitchen to have.

Paradise Kitchens is one of the well-noted companies at present that provide such option to buyers. Pioneering in finding the best designs for modern kitchens of all sizes, the company tries to make sure that they are updated with the newest and most innovative appliances that could be found in the market, thus allowing them to offer good purchase options to their buyers. Relatively, such condition of operation is expected to have specifically tough competition in the field of international trade.

Currently, the company already uses TV advertising which engages the clients to understand their products and services fully through television programming. Closely related to the operations of shop-TV systems, the company tries to get attention from the public through presenting them with the products they have on hand and the service that they have available for public provision. It is entailed through this documentation that if the marketing approaches of Paradise Kitchens is improved further through the utilization of the worldwide web in a more strategic manner compared to what it is thriving in at present.

Basic Plan Presentation  

Restructuring the current website of Paradise Kitchens and hooking it up with several social networks and online forums that are related to household and kitchen –care topics is believed to have a great impact on how the marketing strategy of the company could be further improved. Relatively, such option would require both technical and e-commerce skills that would provide the organization an edge especially in presenting different options of both products and services to the target clients of the organization.

This suggestion of adjustment and alternative development on the marketing process of the company is dependent on the desire to further enlarge the market that it is able to serve. Specifically targeting the right market through defining the path of the company’s marketing strategy with the use of social networking operations, it is assumed that getting the attention of the right members of the society would become possible hence inspiring more sources of profit for the business edge of the organization.

Part 2:

Mission Statement

There are currently two particular sectors of market offering that Paradise Kitchens provide the public with. One is providing homeowners with ideas and ample knowledge they need in relation to designing their kitchens. The company’s kitchen-design services however is only limited to areas where they have available physical branches. Another sector of the business’ source of income is its direct-selling system whereas it provides the buyers a chance to choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to developing their kitchens through updating their appliances and/or kitchen furniture sets. Currently, it could be observed that the more responsive way of earning that the company thrives in is that of the direct-selling system. It is then the mission of this marketing plan to further such market influence through making the people know of what Paradise Kitchens has to offer. One of which is through reestablishing a website that is more capable of handling online-transactions making it easier for the buyers to get the products they may want from the organization through online connections.  It is also the desire of this plan to create a reputable name for the organization that could carry its desire to develop better source of market influence through the brand exposure and promotion.

Financial and Non Financial Goals

It is of course part of the financial goal to gain as much profit from the campaign as possible. Nevertheless, it also entails to lower the cost of marketing options that the business is utilizing to promote its services and products to the public. As for the financial goals, it is the desire of this campaign to establish a name for the organization that would be well-known and good enough to carry out the goals of the business in front of the prospect clients as they develop positive perspective about the company itself. This way, not only will the buyers refer to the organization because of the products they sell but also because their name is already an established wall in the industry that is trusted by buyers in general.

Competitive Advantage

Branding is a very important aspect of this particular approach to marketing. Paradise Kitchens, although it already has a remarkable name, has to face the tough competition with other companies that have already been able to make distinctive mark on the thoughts of their clients. When one client begins to trust one brand, it is most often than not hard to break that trust except if the other company offers something new. It is then a remaining competitive challenge for the company to find ways to develop its impact on other clients in the market through formulating ideas that would allow them to offer more to the public every now and then thus giving them an edge apart from their competitors.

SWOT Analysis Table

Strengths It is a recognizable strength for Paradise Kitchens that the company already has an established brand. The products it offers the public with are noted to be durable and effective in making kitchen tasks a lot lighter to consider.
Weaknesses Pricing and company alliances; this particular aspect of business operation and product selling could hurt the mission of the business. Relatively with high quality products come high priced items. Regulating such matter should be easier to handle if Paradise Kitchens would have a chance to establish alliances with other companies in the industry that could provide them better prices hence allowing them to extend such pricing adjustments towards the buyers of whatever they may have to offer.
Opportunities It is a great opportunity for the organization to find ways to offer something new to the clients every now and again. Only through this would they be able to assure that their regular customers would not leave them or change their perception about kitchen wares that the company offers.  Creating promotional campaigns to sell-out particular sets of products is found best by other business to attract the attention of the buying public.
Threats Pricing of other kitchen wares sold even without the nametag. Practicality beats quality; surprisingly , there are at least 79% of the population in the world today who believe that it is most often than not more effective to be practical in terms of price than in terms of quality. It is then essential for the company to find ways to change the attitude and the thinking of the public about the said issue.

 Part 3:

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Based from the organizational chart presented herein, it could be realized that the project manager [who is the marketing manager] is expected to carry on the task of finding someone who could develop the website. This entails the involvement of two separate personnel which include the website developer and the computer technology experts who are supposed to work on the process of recreating a new system of interaction between the organization and its clients through online connections. Refurnishing the current website of the organization is best able accomplished through knowing what is technically important to the system thus allowing it to attract the attention of the correct members of the community that the business aims to serve.

On the other end, the marketing campaign developers are the ones to focus on the marketing strategy itself. Cooperating with what the com-tech experts and the website designers are ready and able to provide, marketing campaign developers would be able to use every beneficial program of the website therefore hopefully lowering the cost spent in advertising and channeling the resources to more effective forms of market influence. Meanwhile, the website support system administrators are the ones expected to maintain the operation of the website itself therefore allowing sellers and campaign marketers to reach out to the market and cater to their needs including orders and shipping requests that may come from clients all over the globe.

Proposed Budget

The budget proposed for this marketing campaign strategy would include the following elements:

Web hosting (for a year) -$140-$200 per year

Personnel Salaries – [estimated at] $ 1500 per month

Maintenance Operations –[estimated at] $200 per month

The breakdown of the budget schedule needed to create and maintain a working website for Paradise Kitchens is expected to be realized later on during the time when the project is already being pursued. Concerning this matter, particular alterations could be made later on in relation to the budget’s scheduled allowances.


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