Patient: Robert Miller, Case Study Example

Physical Development

  1. Within the case study the physical issues Robert is having is that he is aging. He is 54 and he shows it in his face and with his weight as he is packing on the pounds. Physically he suffers from erectile dysfunction and according to him, his wife is finding him physically unattractive. At his age this is normal. As adults age they can weight and show signs of age. He can start an exercise and diet regime, and he can began to take medication to correct his erectile dysfunction.
  2. Other issues could mean that he has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and signs of fatigue. Robert has worked in the Auto industry for a long time and his joints have probably been aching and become stiff. This is could equate to Robert being off balanced and uncoordinated.

Cognitive Development

  1. Robert has been working in the auto industry for a lot of years. He is currently the middle manager at an automobile manufacturing company. He enjoys his career but there have been ups and downs in the industry and fears being laid off. He was offered a position that is higher paying but have to sit in on a college class one night a week. He is uneasy about this decision because he feels he can not adjust to going back to college at his age.
  2. Robert should first consider that the new job will offer better job security especially when many are being laid off in his department. The job is higher paying which will benefit his family. More importantly it will enrich his management skills that can move him into a higher position within the company.
  3. Robert’s cognitive level is not a child any longer however he is in the operational stage where he has abstract thoughts.
  4. According to Kohlberg’s Theory of moral development he is Post conventional. He abstains from seeking out an affair because he believes in the rules of fidelity and wants to set an example for his kids. The level people consider what is personally important to them. This moral reasoning is only achieve by a few people who can perceive right from wrong. Although he is between stage 5 and 6 he goes by the rules set by society and what is ethically moral to him.
  5. He is at the end of the Responsible stage and heading in the Executive stage where he is shifting his focus on the community with the Tea Party involvement and taking control over his career with the opportunity for a new job, and his family.

Social & Personality Development

  1. In Robert’s marriage the sex life has seemed to fizzle. He believes his wife has lost interest, and he cannot sustain an erection to sexually satisfy her. They have grown older and have other worries on their mind. It is typically in most marriages if they go by the Life Cycle it is stage where the children leave the nest and the parents need to work on their marriage, renegotiate their roles, and work on communication to get to the root of the problems.
  2. He is considered a nice guy by his neighbors, he is an active participant of the Tea Party, he visits the local casino, and he plays poker with his old college buddies every other week.
  3. He wife believes that he has a gambling addiction/ problem. He is also is struggling with the thought of his ailing mother in law moving in because he feels that his wife already focuses much of her attention on her. He is demeaning and hostile to his family which can also mean he can be verbally abusive.
  4. Robert falls between the stages of 7: Generativity vs Self Absorption and stage 8: Integrity vs Despair. He has reached middle adulthood and has become a productive member of society through his social and job commitments. However, he could potentially be letting his social activities control his life. In stage age he is examining his life and might be fearful of the future due to his marriage and job stability. If he starts making changes he could be headed to a positive resolution.
  5. Robert is closely identified as having an extraversion personality trait where he seeks stimulation from being in the company of others which can seem in his social activities. He seems talkative and social that why people like him. He is outgoing and energetic, yet can be reserved and assertive in his actions and emotions.
  6. He is not having a mid-life crisis yet, he is actually self-aware of his aging and developments going on around him. He is 54 and knows he has gained weight and looks his age. He is content in his career and has the opportunity to excel. He thought about having an affair but would rather work on his marriage, so he might make the steps to make his wife fall back in love with him.


  1. Robert is the way he is because throughout his development he develop a sense of competence and confidence at an early age. He determined his identity and direction at an early age, and developed close relationships with people as a young adult. His parents instilled a level of moral reasoning in order to help him develop by going by society rules and learning what was ethically right and wrong.
  2. These theories include Kolhberg’s Theory of Moral Development and Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development.