Psychological Assessment, Essay Example

Hiring security personnel is a very crucial point for organizations especially in relation to the point of selection. Considerably, it could be realized that somehow this is the reason why administrators see to it that they are able to impose good and efficient steps in selecting the right individuals for the position. Among all these steps, psychological assessment is one specific process that administrators intend to apply seriously as it would define the measure of whether or not the individual they are interviewing and observing are actually able to handle the position basing on their attitude and their skills at the same time.

Usually, this approach is administered at least before the actual hiring of the individual. The reason for such approach being handled the last is the fact that the person to take the position ought to have better control of the authority that comes with it. Understandably, security personnel are given high level of authority, but they are also held to take note that long with such power comes a high end of responsibility that they should be able to deal with accordingly.

Usually, such psychological testing is directed towards the specific requirements of the position that the applicants are aiming to handle. Among the direction of the questions include the right condition of protecting merchandise, the building, and the people within the establishment. Considerably, it could be understood that the overall responsibility of the individual accounts for the overall safety of the people and all the other assets of the organization. True, such responsibility is so heavy that it should be handled with full control of one’s condition of thinking and assumptive application of proper skills.

Some of the psychological assessments utilized for security personnel position applicants include Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and the Social Skills Inventory. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire entails to measure whether or not the applicant is up for the need of dealing with conditional situations and how they are likely to handle situations that would require extensive application of leadership skills. The social skills inventory assessment on the other hopes to take note the condition by which the applicant is able to handle social connections as an individual. Usually, it could be observed that security personnel applicants are required to know the protocols of being a security guard and the psychological condition of thinking that they are supposed to impose especially when they are on duty.

Usually, they are trained to be rather critical in seeing through the different clients that come in and out of the stores that they are looking after. Unlike regular individuals, they are given the chance to evaluate individuals according to their reactions, their body language and other means of measuring whether a person has a tendency of committing crime or not. This is an important aspect in making sure that an applicant is enthusiastic and alert enough to handle the condition of the job that he is supposed to give attention to.

The psychological assessment application in screening and observing the possible applicants who are to take the responsibility of the is indeed an important process of defining whether a person is fit for the position he is applying for or not. The skills and the behavior of a person are two among the most important elements to measure especially in relation to this particular position in protecting and assuring the security of shops and the people in it.