Fundamental Issues, Reaction Paper Example

One of the concepts that really surprised me was the fact that vegetative patients have brains that exhibit activities similar to that of a normal person’s brain and their minds may still be active.  I used to think that vegetative patients have no activity in their brains and their minds are not active. They are only alive and need food and water but they are not aware of their surroundings or environment. If this is true then it may be a mistake to let them die because many of them may not want to die but are unable to express so. I also believe that advancements in technology mean that vegetative patients may have improved quality of lives in the near future if they can use their minds to use equipments that respond to brain signals.

Another concept that really caught my attention is that even when we are asleep, our brain is still active. It didn’t come as a surprise to me because I always thought we think during sleep which is why we intuitively respond to the circumstances or events in the dreams we see during sleep. When I talked to a friend, she was surprised to learn that we think during sleep because she thought our brain is not active during sleep.

Overall, this chapter was one of the most interesting ones we have covered so far. I also enjoyed the ability of some to engage in multi-tasking efficiently because I find it difficult to do. I can’t even study when I am listening to music yet some of my friends often do more than two tasks at the same time such as doing assignment, listening to music, and even watching TV at the same time.