Reading Response, Essay Example


This presentation tries to explore the Chinese travelling culture through the eyes of modern Chinese writers. Through their written works, the authors’ presentation of China and its people shall be given particular attention to. The definition they give shall be used as the foundation for the discussion presented in this response essay.

What makes a real Chinese traveler? The readings assigned for this particular task provides a clear view on how the Chinese culture view travelling and specifically give attention to how it impacts one’s particular culture makeup. For instance, the reading by Liang Yuchun entitled “On the Road” describes how her being a Chinese explorer in a scholarly way makes her one of the most known and noted travelers and is even called the Chinese Citizen of the World. Her willingness to expand her knowledge through reading and scholarly research and sharing what she has learned through writing made her one of the greatest foundations of modern Chinese literature that is celebrated well today. Using the smart way of putting words together, Liang Yuchun does more than just describe the life she has learned, she points out particular features referencing China’s culture and development thus imposing the real value of what she is writing about.

Yu Pingbo’s Splashing Oars on the other end provides a distinctive presentation on how an accidental situation puts him and his friend on a supposed adventure of their life. Exploring the Chinese beauty in boats while intoxicated, this writing presents China and its wonders in a rather conflicting manner that identifies the people, the culture, the traditions and the way the human element connects all the other factors mentioned. Zhu Ziqing presents the same story on a different perspective though; in his writing, he describes more of what they saw in reception of the myriads of beliefs that China has especially in relation to fairies and other mythical creatures which may have practically set his writing different than that of Pingbo’s. Citing several western elements into the story, it could be realize that Ziqing did have another background where he wanted to relate the night of adventure he shared with Pingbo.

Qinqiang by Jia Pinwa, on the other end, explores the culture of China depending on the season. In his writing, he brings his readers into a sense of realization on China’s wonderful variety of cultures defined by the weather that surrounds a particular region. In his writing, he tries to define the Chinese people based on the region that they belong to and the season surrounding such areas. Through this, he is able to point out that as a traveler, he is able to explore more than just the places but the wonders of the people as well.

Overall, the reading tasks assigned for this particular response provides a clear vision on how modern Chinese literature is able to explore the different possibilities of life and culture in China. Writers in China at present specifically note a distinct condition of making a representation of their culture and tradition in different yet effective matters of sending out a message to the world about the richness of their lives and their background that is worth knowing by the world.


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