Recycling Program Feasibility, Business Plan Example


The purpose of this report is to identify the feasibility of creating a new recycling program at Greening Corporation.  The overall expenses and benefits have been examined and have clearly shown the Greening Corporation is in perfect position to implement a new recycling program within the financial means of the company.  Inexpensive recycling efforts will provide a clear green initiative while also providing Greening Corporation with tax benefits that would otherwise not be available.

This report will identify three categories of recycling that would be feasible, the types of products that could be recycled and ways in which the recyclable products can be hauled away from Greening Corporation headquarters.


Recyclable Categories

Greening Corporation can begin recycling paper, aluminum and plastic in a cost-effective manner.  These three categories clearly represent a large bulk of the company’s recyclable products.  Used paper can be recycled using appropriate bins or shred stations which will then recycle the shredded paper to maintain confidentiality.  Aluminum cans and foil can be recycled within Greening Corporation’s cafeteria and break rooms with individual bins located on each floor of the building as well.  Finally, bins can also be placed in similar locations for plastic bottles such as those used with bottled water and soda.

Options for Disposing of Recyclables

Licensed haulers are able to retrieve recyclables that are collected in dumpsters located on the property multiple times each week. Costs are significantly lower because of the elimination of those items that are sent to various recycling locations that provide profit to the recycling companies.  Furthermore, recyclable paper containing sensitive information can be collected by a specialized company whose only purpose is to shred and recycle the paper to properly recycle while also maintaining confidentiality standards.

Tax Benefits

One key component to a corporate recycling program is the multitude of tax benefits that state and federal governments are providing to initiate and implement such programs.  “Twenty-five states around the country use some type of tax incentive or credit to promote recycling market development. The large majority of states offer tax incentives for purchasing recycling equipment—either income, sales, or property tax credits. These tax credits range from 10 to 50 percent of equipment costs (  This similar benefit can be achieved with Greening Corporation’s implementation of the proposed recycling program.


In summary, it is our strong recommendation that Greening Corporation take the next steps to properly implement a new recycling program.  This will provide benefits through showing a marketable green initiative within the company while also allowing Greening Corporation to reap the tax benefits allowable only to those companies who have such a program.


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