Religion, Annotated Bibliography Example

Cognitive Behavior therapy: A biblical approach and critique. Tan, Siang-yang, Journal of psychology and theology, Vol 15(2), 1987, 103-112  (Tam 1987).

This paper contends that cognitive behavior therapy has become an important part of biblical counselling in terms of Christian therapeutical processes. The source comes from the Journal of Psychology and Theology and considered a very reputable source of information. This approach has been criticised for lack of inclusion of spirituality and not understanding the true meaning of god`s work on Earth. More attention being needed on the biblical requirements.

Examining client spiritual history and the construction of meaning: The use of spiritual timelines in counselling. Jennifer. R. Curry, Vol 4(2), 2009, 113-123 (Curry 2009)

This paper illustrates the importance of spirituality in that of biblical counselling. It focuses upon the technique of creating spiritual timelines that underpin the need of individual concerns. The counselor’s focus upon the ethical guidelines and the inclusion of professional competence in the interpretation of structure and meaning. A reputable author in this field dealing with complex subject matter. The concept of spirituality relative to individual concern can prove difficult to interpret. This approach helps to structure the subject matter.

Altogether Different: The world of Christian higher education. Muntz.P; Crabtree, D, Journal of College Admission, 2006, 16-21 (Muntz 2006)

The authors put forward the view that Christian students prefer to be educated within a Christian environment.  The journal article explains the best approach  to familiarize counsellors with the right tactics and approach. It is the bonding of faith and spirituality that makes the difference between other colleges. They share commonalities with other higher education establishments but are distinct in approach to environmental conditions.

Just what is Christian counselling anyway? McMinn, M.R.  Staley, R.C. Webb, K.C. Seegobin, W. Professional Psychology Vol 4(15), 2012, 391-397 (McMinn 2010)

This article deals with professional psychologists and their understanding and approach to Christian counselling services. Collaboration techniques are discussed with certified pastoral councillors and how an integrated approach to counselling may be achieved. The article discusses a 5 step meaningful approach and is compiled with a high degree of professional competence and experience within this subject area.

Addressing spiritual issues in secular counseling and psychotherapy: Response to Helminiak’s views. Richard E Watts, Vol 45(3), 2001, 207-217 (Watts 2001)

Professor Watts is in the counselling department at Baylor University, Waco, Texas.  He puts forward the stance that counsellors are often responding illegally to spiritual issues with their counselling work. Somewhat controversial in his findings, nevertheless some interesting points are raised worthy of further research and discussion.



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