School Management, Essay Example

Management is a synergy of four things which predominantly are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. This is one of the most important aspects come under the ambit of literature of management. Management comes in almost every field and hence it is also presents in schools as well. School management is somewhat different from other types of management.

Classroom in schools have certain norms and condition which should be met in order to manage the things perfectly. The main theme of this paper underlies on the same concept of school management. In this paper, personal experience of teaching and managing should be reflect and then identify 10 negative conditions which influence the teaching environment.

Identifying the conditions does not fulfill all the requirements of the paper, but certain strategies should be jot down to overcome on the negative conditions.

1st Negative Condition

Using of Slang Language

This particular thing is the most influential which influences adversely on the efficiency of the teachers in a school. Though, school is a place wherein children go to learn manners but it is not always the case that a child learns all the manners. It is a true fact that culture and society leaves a dominant effect on the overall personality of a person, thus it is skeptical to contribute collectively in raising a child and directed his/her career.

It has been consensus that some children use abusive language in the classroom which not only disturbs the teacher while teaching but also increases the stance of bad habits among other children as well. This particular thing becomes gangrene for the entire educational industry.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

There is no hard and fast rule to cover up this issue. There is a need to keep a hawk eye over the activities as well as the friends of the children. Society cannot be changed easily but the environment of the home can be change accordingly which must have a positive impact over the attitude of the children which will certainly help them to control the usage of slang language. Teachers should communicate the same to the parents in order to cover up this issue from the classroom.

2nd Negative Condition

Un-Attentiveness of the Children

It has been consensus that some children went extremely blank in the class and in return, they cannot grab the whole idea of the lecture. Un-attentiveness is one of the major issues of the current educational industry and this particular thing has a negative impact over the teachers because the teacher cannot describe the same thing to every student individually.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

The usage of projector and online presentation can be extremely fruitful as far as overcome on this particular issue is concerned. Apart from that teachers should ask frequent counter questions from every student one by one to make them attentive in the class all the time.


3rd Negative Condition

Noise in the classroom

This particular thing is found in small classrooms wherein children make so much noise in the classroom which disturbs the teacher and consequently, teachers become unable to concentrate on the teaching. It is also consensus that teacher becomes extremely irritate from heavy noise in the premises of classrooms and sometimes they left the class.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

Teachers should adopt stringent strategy to cover up this particular issue. Strict actions should be taken against the children who make noise within the classroom.

4th Negative Condition

Educational Background of Children

Educational background plays a dominant role in the overall development of a child. When the children belong to similar mindset and society then it will become easy for the teachers to communicate the lecture more easily as compared in a class wherein all the children belong to different educational background and mindset.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

The first teacher of a child is his mother; hence parents can play a dominant role to cover up this particular issue from the classrooms. Mothers have to play their part and have to educate their children after the school to make them equal with other students present in the class.

5th negative Condition

Gender Inequality within the Premises of School

The thing which has a dominant influence over the environment of the teacher is gender inequality which also known as gender discrimination. In classrooms, it is often seem that boys teased girls and pass on obnoxious comments on them which is equally disturbing for the teacher as well to maintain a disciplined environment within the classroom.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

The only solution of this particular issue is the intervention of the management. The management has to take some serious actions against the guilty culprits to overcome on this particular issue.

6th Negative Issue

Usage of Mobile Phones

Technology sometimes hurts, and this particular statement is extremely right for usage of mobile phones within the premises of class. Due to heavy utilization of mobile phones within the educational institutes, the graph of teaching and studying goes down drastically and hurt the entire environment of educational institute.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

Schools and educational institutions should bear a static and stringent action policy against this particular activity because it is not good either for the teachers or for students as well.

7th Negative Issue

Gangs Making in the Classroom

It is observed that classrooms sometime reflected a view of a political address in which group of a certain people tries to hurt the ego of the other party. Leg pulling, screaming and harassment become so common in such problem which disturbs the entire educational environment of the classroom.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

Gangs making should be strictly prohibited within the educational institutions and strict actions should be taken by the management against the children who did that.

8th Negative Issue

Low Mental Capability

Mental capacity and mental capability is extremely important for children to learn things. Teachers are meant to deliver the things to the children but the thing which irritates a teacher is the continuous teaching to an individual. Research proves that the children who do not open their books after their school are less attentive as well as less understanding as compared to those children who does.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

Teachers should communicate the things with the parents and should enforce them to stress their children to do their homework regularly on their own and must interfere in their educational things.

9th Negative issue

Pollution in the Classroom

This is one of the main things which influence on the environment of the teachers. Nobody wants to study in a class wherein pollution is present. It is not only painful for the teachers but, also for the students as well.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

School management has to equip the classrooms with dustbins to prevent pollution.

10th Negative Issue

Un-Discipline Classroom

Discipline is an important ingredient needs in every part of life. Teachers need discipline to focus on their studies. It will become extremely difficult for the teachers to focus on teaching in an un-disciplined environment.

Strategies to cover up this Issue

Both teacher and parents can play their role in overcome this particular issue. Teachers and parents should communicate the children that how much discipline is important in their lives.