Sexually Abused Children, Essay Example

Child sexual abuse is a situation whereby older adolescence or an adult uses a child sexual stimulation. The place where the philanthropist can direct the donations is Africa and specifically South Africa. This is because according to the study, which was conducted and published in Clinical Psychology in 2009, the first thing the philanthropist should do is to form a group of qualified individuals to manage how the donations will be spent (Kearney 77). The selected people should call upon all the community members to assist for the success of the exercise. In addition, they should focus on sexual violence; sex trafficking, microfinance and even child education. This is because for the success of half the sky, they called for contributions, called for arms and help.

The donations should be used to build schools, health centers, and recreational facilities for the children. The facilities should include accommodation and food or even children’s home. This is because many children run away from their homes owing to the abuse, hence they opt to run away. As a way of stopping child abuse, some funds should be used to educate and train parents and other individuals who are responsible for the life of the children. They should be trained to know the importance of educating and taking care of the child despite the gender. In addition, another step is to formulate rules as an act of punishment to those who abuse the children (O’Donohue and Geer 101).

To make sure that the donations are spent properly, the philanthropist should require the managers to present reports and statements on how the funds were used for a given time. This will make the managers be keen and vigilant on every step they take, as they will be held responsible on any misappropriation of the funds or donations. This will bring a change to the community after some time because the children will prosper in their life. In addition, those parents whom their children had run away will admit them back to their homes, as they will be a resource in their families.

Because of the exercise, many people in the community will be employed, and their living standard will improve (Jones and Ramchandani 99). Individuals who intend to be parents will be motivated in that they will fight to make their children succeed, as they will lead by example. This will eliminate child abuse in the community. The laws formulated will discourage those who abuse children sexually and will lead to the elimination of child abuse. When a child succeeds in life without any abuse, it will be a success to everyone in the community including the philanthropist herself.

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