The Five Helpers, Essay Example

A.W. Cardinall’s, The Five Helpers, is a story of several men who all played a vital role in the survival of a young girl.  The question is which of the five men did best? There is no way to signify one person’s role in this story.  They were all intricately dependent on each other. The story is centered on the beautiful daughter of the chief.  After many unsuitable marriage proposals, the girl ends up marrying a python who changed into human form.  The next morning they were found to be missing, and the search began.  The first man was one who could smell everything led them to the river where the scent was lost.  The second man, who was known for his thirst, was called in and drank all the water out of the lake.  The third man was called was known for his work, and he took all the mud out of the lake.   A hole was found which was so deep no one was able to reach the bottom.  So they called the fourth man, whose arm was able to stretch.  He found the python and the girl was dead in its stomach.  The final man called was known for his medicine, and he brought the girl back to life.

This story signifies a very important message in an almost animated way.  Each role of the five men was dependent on the others to be successful.   If one man traced the scent to the lake, and the story stopped there, it would have been a very bad ending.  The man with the power to bring the girl to life would have never been able to utilize that if they never found the girl.  Working together can bring about a much better end result sometimes.  This story shows the importance of teamwork by not having one man’s role be more significant than the others.



Cardinal, A.W.  The Five Helpers.  Print.