The Great Debaters, Assessment Example

  1. In a few paragraphs, explain the social, political and legal issues addressed in the film. What were the secret meetings about and why was secrecy so important?

The setting of the movie is concentrated upon the time when the black Americans are considered at a lower status than that of the white Americans. This is considered to be specifically reflected over the belief that the white Americans are much highly intellectual compared to the black Americans [and this is aimed to be proven through debate]. Considerably, the capacity of the team of black debaters in the movie to face the challenge of debating with white American students was considered as a specific rule out from the actual situation in the society during the time. It is because of this that the theme of the movie was considered bold especially in imposing that the black Americans were able to stand out amongst the rest of other debaters coming from the white American teams. The practices of the team of black American debaters have been held in secret showing how much suppressed their activities were and amidst these challenges, their victory has been specifically directed as a means of achievement on their part.

  1. Explain three quotes from the movie that can help public speakers.

Majority doesn’t decide what is right or wrong, one’s conscience does

            This line from the movie show how much a speaker should understand what is important to the people he is speaking towards. For this instance, Samantha Booke knew that the audience value what the society says and what the society imposes on what is right or wrong. She defies such belief by saying that it is the individual that decides what should be good and what should be realized as bad. Relatively, this raises a question that will get the audiences into thinking for themselves and realizing an old fact that might have been presented in a much pivotal approach that would get them to realize matters more deeply on a personal level.

We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do.

            Realizing that there are responsibilities to be completed, this line spoken by James Farmer Jr. imposes that people ought to complete their responsibilities first before they could be able to accomplish all the other things they want to do. Speakers could get an indicative source of help from this line as the speaker aims to convince the listeners about a value that they should all be aware of as members of the communities they are existing with.

Debate is combat, but your weapons are words.

            This line from Melvin Tolson aims to remind speakers that the proper utilization of words could provide them a better sense of control that would make them powerful and effective in affecting the thoughts of others accordingly. A power that is beyond the capacity of actual weaponry as it does affect the mind directly.

  1. Are there any specific examples of speech preparation, research, impromptu/adlibbing or anxiety reduction techniques that will be useful for you specifically?

The way the debating team of the black Americans handled immediate retort from the other team with compelling control and integrity in the manner by which they respond to issues thrown to them shows that speakers ought to be composed all the time, especially when crucial and controversial issues are thrown for them to respond to.

4.How is informative information used together with persuasive language and delivery in the debates shown?

Immediate as the information presented are, it could be realized how the speakers were likely not as prepared as needed to face what the other team has to say about them and their ideas. Nevertheless, knowing so much about the society and the issues that define it create a better source of competence on their part as they respond to the controversies presented to them. In this case, public speakers need to know much about the society as well as this would create a better sense of control and command about how they are to convey the messages they want to send to their listeners.

  1. Discuss any communication topics as demonstrated in the film such as tone, volume, word choice, eye contact, non-verbal gestures etc.

Every aspect of verbal and nonverbal communication has a great impact on how a message is spoken and sent out for the listeners to appreciate and understand. It could be realized through the movie that such value for presentation is essential in pointing out how each information is supposed to be presented to the public. The response coming from the listeners specifically depend on how the message has been presented to them. The tone for instance speaks more on the emotion of the speakers apart from the meaning of the words that they actually use to send their messages out to the listeners. Eye contact towards the listeners makes it easier for the listeners to realize the fact that they are the ones addressed by each speaker.