The Meeting, Case Study Example

What do you need to do to prepare for this meeting?

You need to know that Organizations culture is the values and systems that determine the behavior and the performance of employs in an organization (Ginsburg &Levin, 2009). The managements have to make sure the PALEDENIM and UWEAR employees are trained and supported to first accept the change that come with mergers and adopt a new more effective system that will work for all the employees.

What do you currently know about the topic?

Merger between the two companies UWEAR and PALEDENIM who although deal with the same product and industry have very different workplace culture. UWEAR is a public company and PALEDENIM is   a small private company. When companies merge, they do not necessarily loose both of their identities. In this case, the PALEDENIM management should be helped more to adapt to the work place culture of UWEAR. The merger is between a public company and a private company.

What resources do you have that can help you prepare for this meeting?

The knowledge about the differences in organization culture is very important in preparing for this meeting. It is important to look at how to strike a balance between the work place philosophies of the PALEDINIM is team work while the UWEAR adopt a workplace culture of every person being able to finish the work individually (Ginsburg &Levin, 2009).

What information will you present to the management team at the meeting?

  • The need to start the process of retraining and involving the employees in redefining the organization culture (Marks & Lee, 2003).
  • The need to comply with the Government regulations guiding the merger process(Marks & Lee,2003).
  • Specifically the PALEDENIM management and employees have to accept the change that comes with being a public company.

How will you present the information to the UWEAR and PALEDENIM management team at the meeting?

This information will be presented in the form of discussion between the management so as to effectively deal with arising issues.



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