The Social Harms of Bitch, Essay Example

According to Ezzell, the term bitch is a sexist term that in essence, supresses the image of a woman and demeaning them to a lower standard of equating her to a sexually depraved beast instead of the powerful and divine creation that she is.

The term bitch also implies something that is meant to be conquered, dominated and vanquished. This in essence reduces the value of the woman in the society, equating her to an object rather than an individual a human being with a soul and emotions.

The term bitch has also been used to denigrate a man or a boy who is not, according to society, aggressive enough and displaying masculinity.

Words matter, regardless of who is saying them. According to Ezzell, when the term bitch is used, it underpins sexism and in general hurts all women. Furthermore, words are society’s tools of thought the society uses to reflect the existing social reality and thus shaping society and social reality itself. Therefore even when a woman uses the term bitch, it does not reduce or undermine the derogatory meaning and purpose of the word itself, instead it reinforces the negative connotations associated with the word that seek to undermine the female sex.

Words do precede action. The term bitch also connotes a domineering, conquering diminishing and vanquishing of the female sex. This is usually associated with acts of violence against the female sex including battering and sexual violence. These are seen as acts that institute dominance and the subduing of women.

The term bitch can also be used to include self-portrayal. This is done to refer to an unfair person. A good example is,” I am cool with the guys but the moment I step into my house, I am the bitch in the house”

All the ways in which the term bitch is used connote a derogatory and demeaning view of the subject in question.