Therapeutic Communication, Essay Example

It was my privilege to conduct a therapeutic communication practice with an 88 years old male, Mr. M.S, who was alert and oriented. Mr. M.S was also going to have a surgery in the next week. Below is the conversation, analysis of the interaction and evaluation of the communication.

Therapeutic Communication- Analysis

Therapeutic Communication- Analysis 1

Therapeutic Communication- Analysis 2

Therapeutic Communication- Analysis 3

  1. Evaluation Last Page
  2. Was the client centered purpose achieved

Yes/No: Yes


  • Patient/ client was allowed to speak
  • Patient/ expressed concerns about children and surgery freely
  • Patient/ client was allowed to equally guide the conversation

Evaluation Continued

Give reasons assessing words used during the conversation why client center approach was achieved

  • I am fearful that everything might not go well, but I trust you to help me.
  • Yes I remember and promise to update you as soon as I receive additional information regarding your

The foregoing presentation outlined a therapeutic communication between me and Mr. M.S. According to  Larson (2003) quoting Schwartz and Shockley (1963)  applying silence may be difficult for nurses to produce, but it is nonetheless very effective even when sometimes the initiator may feel nothing is happening. However, it gives an opportunity to observe the non-verbal reactions of the patient/ client. In this interaction silence was a technique used to make the communication comfortable for both of us (Larson, 2003


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