Training Needs Assessment, Assessment Example

Before training commences, there is the need to separate the job responsibilities into those for which training is needed and those for whom training is not required, after which individual training plan is developed.  This entails selecting the knowledge that is critical to performance, and determining the abilities of the current staff within the printing department. Most training activities have failed in the past as a result of either training people on what they already understand or are capable of doing. By assessing each individual’s or the entire printing department’s training needs, occurrence of such are less likely.

One of the methods that can be used in assessing the knowledge content of staff in the printing department is by conducting written tests based job expectations. This will make it easy to score the results, and it will also provide an objective assessment of the situation. The test are then marked and graded, after which an analysis is conducted to identify specific areas that require training. The Training needs assessment of the printing department can also be created using the representative assessment test items, which corresponds to the requisite knowledge items based on job expectations. This will enable the trainer to know the training needs of each personnel within the printing department.

A work performance test can also be used in determining the training needs for specific job functions. In this scenario, there will be a need to conduct real performance test to evaluate the ability of the department’s workers to perform their duties or if they need additional training. If it is not practically viable, then a worker will be required to describe the processes of the work function. Then the worker is rated on his/her competency levels. Finally, Performance Capability Survey can be conducted whereby every worker assesses their own training requirements by evaluating their own capabilities.