United States Environmental Protection Agency, Essay Example

The organization is all about the environment and improving the well-being and health of Americans. Positions available for interns include clerical or administrative positions, and also include technical positions in areas like policy analysis, life sciences and engineering. Therefore, an internship program is designed to give the student opportunities to work in agencies that explore Federal careers while still learning. In addition, they get paid for the work performed and are easy to find. Furthermore, individuals will require visiting USAJobs.gov portal for a wide range of paid internships at EPA. The positions are grouped and categorized depending on the eligibility and requirements of the position advertised. This helps students narrow down on what they want to be in the future, As a result, a career path is included in the discussion, which foster a direction in the mind of students and streamlines development programs that are tailored to promote students and recent graduates opportunities of employment under the Federal workforce. These paths provide students with meaningful training and career opportunities of development. An online application is available and makes it easy for students to obtain thus, saves time and money for the young workforce. International opportunities are available because they want to reduce the effects of global warming across the planet. Furthermore, job descriptions helps students narrow down on their future career paths and help them identify their areas of interest. This reduces the chances of students straying away from their career paths. An email address is also mentioned for students with questions and other inquiries to be able to contact agents who help in directing and answering their questions.

J.P. Morgan Chase

This company looks into building the knowledge of students in the business area with regard to their different areas of interest. As such, they give students the opportunity to confirm their career aspirations. In addition, it is easy to find the opportunities provided as they are listed under the internship positions available section. The opportunities are not hard to find, and the positions are grouped, which favor the programs of students. A career path discussion is included because they are training and developing skills and knowledge in the youth who are future leaders and business managers. An application is obtained online and requires students to attach their resume and cover letter. International opportunities are also available because they want to share their knowledge with others and expand their territories. Job descriptions mentioned lists qualifications, and this reduces the chances of students, not in line with the job to apply. Hence, a student applying is guided by the qualifications and gives them insight on what they would like to be in the future. For further questions, student can send them to the email address given.

Accenture (http://careers.accenture.com/us-en/find-your-fit/students-graduates/Pages/internships.aspx)

The opportunities are under the consulting areas that include supporting Systems Integration & Technology, business consulting and management consulting. At Accenture, it is not hard to get opportunities because, with the consulting experience, students are able to take forth and apply knowledge in their future career paths. Students incorporated in such programs should demonstrate leadership, strong academic performance, campus involvement, those interested in consulting career, and motivation. Job descriptions are found on their Job Search portal and students need to type the keyword “intern”. Opportunities available involve international students since they are promoting a culture of sharing and unity round the globe. Job descriptions are inclusive of qualifications, and an email address is included to help students learn more on what is involved in the internship program.